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Monday, July 02, 2012

Spiritual Children Speaking Truth - Looking Up Newsletter

July 2nd, 2012
Looking Up Newsletter

Hello everyone,

I managed to sneak away to the beach twice last week. Those two partial days in the sand and surf have reinvigorated my spirit, put a dance in my step, and a song in my heart.

I highly recommend taking short 4-6 hour vacations in the middle of your work week. The "work week" of course never ends with the parenting, household chores, yard work, grocery shopping, and all else that we have on our to-do lists, but you know what I mean... sneak away and find moments of "vacation" to rejoice in.

take care,
Skye Thomas

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Quote of the Week:

In my writing I am acting as a mapmaker, an explorer of psychic areas... a cosmonaut of inner space, and I see no point in exploring areas that have already been thoroughly surveyed. - William S. Burroughs

The magnitude of life is overwhelming. Angels are here to help us take it peace by peace. - Levende Waters

While we are sleeping, angels have conversations with our souls. - Author Unknown

Feature Article of the Week:

Sacred Children Series - 2 of 3 
Jesus' Birthday

I had visions of my daughter for about five years before she finally showed up. She turned out exactly like the little girl in my dreams who had haunted me all that time. I was so very glad to see that she was alive and real. I always thought she must somehow be more magical and special then other normal kids.

Her older brother had told her about reincarnation when she was only two years old. She would later yell at me during her tantrums, "Next time I'm born, I'm not gonna be your daughter!!!" I'd always laugh at her and say, "Oh yes you will! You have to be my daughter forever and ever!" She would storm off to her room until she was done being angry about whatever it is that little girls get angry about.

She always acted like an old woman who was wiser than my son and I were. We had all gotten used to the baby in the family behaving as if she were an old woman. One day when she was three-years-old she asked me, "Do you know why I was late?"

As I continued messing with my makeup and fixing my hair in the bathroom mirror I asked her, "Late for what?"

"For being born."

She had been due on Christmas Eve and instead had not been born until New Year's Eve. "Why were you late?"

"Well," She replied quite matter-of-factly, "It was Jesus' birthday and I didn't want to leave early."

I was a bit taken aback, "Who told you about Jesus?" I am not a traditional Christian and had not told my children anything about the traditional organized religions yet. We did not have any family or friends around who would have told her of such things. How in the world did she know about Jesus?

"Jesus is my friend. He lives in heaven with Michael and Cracker."

"Who's Michael and Cracker?"

She looked at me like I was silly for not knowing as she said, "Michael's my friend. He's going to help me find my new dad. Cracker is a clown and goes like this." With that, she started rolling around and doing somersaults and trying to do cartwheels. Then she stopped and looked up at me and said, "They're still up in heaven playing with Jesus. When I get done with this life, I'm going back up there to play and I'm not coming down again."

"Why? Don't you like it here?"

With a rather bored look on her face she said, "Yeah, but I've already learned all my lessons and I only came because you wanted me to."

"Are you upset that I pulled you away from your friends?"

"No, I love you, so I came back. But I'm just not coming back again after I'm all done helping you this time." With that, we pretty much established that she was indeed the old soul caretaker of the family. We sort of already knew that.

Over the next couple of years, she would prove over and over that Michael was helping her to find her new dad. I was a single parent longing for my soulmate to come find me. In reference to my love life, she knew things she had no business knowing. She was told about things before they happened. Michael was always telling her secrets about the men I was dating. Michael was always right. She seemed a bit bored by the whole thing.

She made me believe that Jesus must have been real. I had never really been quite sure until my three-year old talked of him without ever having been taught of him. She seemed so self-assured and at peace with the concept. She never spoke of God, just of her buddies and how they all loved to play together. She missed them dearly and yet she was never really alone. I would find her playing with Cracker and Michael in her room all of the time. It was all very different from her brother who had an imaginary playmate for a short time. She did not have to sit and think about it. She did not giggle as she "played" at having conversations with them. She was at peace with the fact that they were as real as her brother and me. Michael was her favorite and he was the one who told her precognitive things on a frequent basis.

I was not surprised that a child of mine would have a "friend" named Michael who told her things about the future. He was a member of our family until the ladies at the preschool told her that Michael was not real and she believed them. Once they convinced her that he was not real, she quit "seeing" him. At this point in time, she has not yet convinced herself that he is real and therefore still does not "see" or "hear" him anymore. A side effect they probably did not consider when telling her that Michael was only make believe, is that she no longer "hears" or "sees" or "remembers" Jesus anymore either. By taking her best friend in the spiritual world away from her, they also took Jesus away from her. It broke my heart to see her turn away from Michael.

When she was older, she became a little bitter about it all. She wanted to reconnect with Michael, Cracker, and Jesus, but she simply did not believe in it all anymore. I told her that someday, when she is ready, they will come back to her. She hoped I was right. She has always seemed a bit unsure of herself since losing that deep and amazing spiritual connection with them. Now as a young adult, she is still a caretaker by nature, but her soul does not seem quite so old and wise anymore. She may not remember, but I hold the memories for her. The one thing I have learned about guardian angels is that they always look over us whether we believe in them or not.

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