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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Free May 2012 Aquarius Horoscope

You are trying so hard to follow your bliss. And much of the time, that is working for you. But your finances are not cooperating at all. You are able to work on some household finances and find ways to bring more romantic, emotional, and financial security into your home life, but the minute you shift your focus towards playtime activities, date nights, concert tickets, vacations, luxury items, hobbies, etc, the money seems to evaporate into thin air. You will have to find creative ways to entertain yourself on a dime. And if you are working in a happiness-oriented industry (music, theatre, fine dining, luxury sales, etc), then you are going to have to work really hard to make sure that you are getting your fair share of the profits. Someone might not be sharing as well as they should.

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