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Monday, July 02, 2007

What Is Channeling? - The Looking Up Newsletter 070207

July 2nd, 2007
Looking Up Newsletter

Good morning,

Yes, I got my three-day weekend with my family... but we all got hit with a nasty flu bug, so it doesn't count and I want a "do-over." That wasn't what I meant when I said I wanted Friday off from work! (We are all healthy and fine now.)

take care,
Skye Thomas

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Quote of the Week:

"Unless you are willing to drench yourself in your work beyond the capacity of the average man, you are just not cut out for positions at the top." - J. C. Penney, retailer

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." - Harold Whitman

"We understand why children are afraid of the darkness, but why are men afraid of the light?" - Plato

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Feature Article of the Week:

What Is Channeling?

From my earliest memories as a very young child, I have been experiencing various paranormal activities. I had clairvoyant visions and occasionally heard voices, but mostly I "felt" other people's thoughts or feelings. I think my particular niche is labeled as telepathic empath. As one of those kids who always asked, "Why?" I had to find out how all of this worked. Like any kid with a cool new toy, I wanted to feel that rush again and again. How do I make it happen again? From the time I first learned how to read, I began my quest for knowledge. What is this and how can I control it? Years later when the ghostly presence of my celestial guides invited themselves into my reality, I had to add them to my quest for comprehension. "Who are they and how do I control them?" Here's what I know so far.

Clairvoyant visions are well documented throughout history. We have all heard of the people who changed their mind and did not get on the Titanic because of an eerie knowingness that something bad was about to happen. Almost every plane crash has the same sorts of stories wrapped around it. Many of us have avoided car wrecks and such after hearing, seeing, or feeling the oncoming disaster before it happens. So, we can pretty much agree that clairvoyance happens. But why? How? Some believe that time does not move in a straight line, but rather it weaves back and forth and around itself. Okay, so does that also explain the concept of history continually repeating itself? But that does not tell me how I can randomly see a different spot in time other than the one I am supposed to be in? I have not found anything that definitely tells me how someone can see a past or future piece of time. We only know for sure that it does happen.

Telepathic episodes are probably more common than any other paranormal event. Ever 'feel' someone just before they call you on the telephone? I have read stories of mothers who 'felt' their sons die in battle. Scientists have done extensive research in this area. The test that I find amazing is the one where they have two people who have never met set up in two different countries. One is to focus on sending the other hints, clues, and visions of a particular photograph or painting. The second person is to 'receive' the information and decipher it. The receiver then recreates or describes the details to the scientists. It is set up as a double blind experiment so that the scientists with the 'receiver' do not know what the 'sender' across the world is looking at. They have repeated it many times over with quite a few different 'senders' and 'receivers'. We know for sure telepathy does happen, but how?

There is a large group who thinks that it is simply a heightened level of perception. They say that on a subconscious level the person experiencing frequent telepathic episodes is really just picking up on hundreds of little clues like body language and pupil dilation. They say that the telepath does not realize that they have gathered up a bunch of these tiny clues and are actually just coming to a logical prediction as to what the person is about to say or do next. That probably is happening most of the time on an everyday level. We all know someone with that uncanny ability to 'read' someone, to know what they are about to say. However, that does not explain the times when the person you are 'reading' is not even in the same city as you. How do they explain it then?

Quantum physics is helping us to begin to understand some of the inner workings of such things. The current understanding is that thoughts and feelings have an energy, life force, or frequency wave associated with them. What we are trying to figure out is how does that energy get picked up by others and correctly interpreted? The basic theory is that our thoughts are like radio waves and our brains have subtle 'receivers' in them. Therefore, we subconsciously 'read' each other all of the time. Wouldn't that explain why we attract to us those things that we put our focus onto? Like attracts like. Different frequencies keep moving on until they find a like-minded frequency? That would also explain the telepaths ability to 'read' others. Do they have a supercharged 'receiver'?

It is believed that our thoughts are not trapped in time like our bodies are. I read somewhere a few years ago that they can still pick up Hitler's broadcasts in the airwaves. They are old and fuzzy but they are still out there. Is the clairvoyant simply picking up thought frequencies from the future? The people on the Titanic would have put out hugely intense strong thoughts and nightmare emotions about the ship going down. Those thought vibes went out through the cosmos and found their way to people about to get onboard the Titanic. Did they 'feel' the thought vibes of the people drowning in the future and then changed their minds about getting on the ship? I suspect it is some aspect of that dynamic that makes it possible to telepathically 'read' someone's future or past?

So, what about the channeling of guardian angels, spirit guides, aliens or whoever else you might be a conduit for? How does that work? There are the proven fakes and I think what they do is horrible. We paranormal folks have a hard enough time earning credibility. So, let's look at the ones that seem real.

There seems to be two different styles of channeling. One is when an entity like Seth or Ramtha comes through and is borrowing the channel's body for the purposes of communicating with us. Psychologists are saying this is probably a form of a multiple personality disorder. My understanding is that the channel really does not know that they have taken a hidden aspect of themselves and created an entirely different personality to deliver it. The psychologists making this claim do not appear to have any proof one way or the other. They are simply saying that it is a reasonable explanation. I have not found anything to help prove scientifically that Seth and Ramtha are real or not.

The second form of channeling is the kind often found in artists. These channels say that their music, writing, paintings, speeches, or sculptures came from somewhere other than themselves. These artists go into a trance in order to channel their great works. Some like the public speaker go into a light trance remaining fully aware of their environment and the audience's response to their words, but having really no idea what they are going to say next. It is not a memorized rehearsed speech. Others like the writer Ralph Waldo Emerson, claim to be completely under the spell of their trance, almost sleeping through the writing process. Upon finishing their work, they are amazed and curious to see what has transpired as they 'napped.' To varying degrees, these artists say they have channeled their great works. Psychologists believe this happens when we have suppressed our talents from ourselves so deeply that our mind has to create a separate source to give the credit to. We are in essence tricking ourselves into getting out of our own way, so that we can do the great works we would have done anyway.

The psychologists are probably right most of the time about both of these forms of channeling. But sometimes there are cases that just do not fit in, like Edgar Cayce's medical cures. How did he know all of that? Did he telepathically pick it up from some expert somewhere on the planet? Did he pick it up from somewhere else in time? What about the psychics that can tell you about your dead friends and family? They are able to prove themselves by telling you personal secrets that they could not possibly know. Are they telepathically picking our brains and giving us back pieces of our own memories?

Many of my childhood questions around the paranormal are still unanswered. I have found conflicting theories, but very little proof of anything. To make matters worse, most serious scientists wont study our questions because they do not believe us. All we seem to know for sure is that there are things we just do not understand. All we can tell you is that it feels very real to us in the moment and we believe that it is something outside of ourselves. We mean well and most of what we channel is positive upbeat and empowering. I could tell you what my guardian angels say about all of this, but isn't that sort of defeating the purpose of discussing the scientific proof?!

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