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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Being a Witch isn't Always Easy

I did not write this essay, a friend of mine did. I am not Pagan, however I have many friends who are, and I think this speaks beautifully of their journey at this time in history.

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Being a Witch isn't Always Easy

Being a Witch isn't always easy, its a bit like twisting and turning
a Kaleidoscope of Life. It's more like seeing a child become fixated
and fascinated with wide eyes open again! Like the kaleidoscopes
reflective mirrors producing the symmetrical patterns as pieces of
colored glass produce unequivocal results. It's no wonder our life
expectancy is 100+.
It seems that since I began my Witch Quest I've held my kaleidoscope
while seeing and traveling in many ways and in many directions to
see the world quite differently.

I have always seemed to have a fascination with different things
from that of my kin and even those who tried in some way to conform
with me or visa versa. I was considered quite an odd girl and was
asked frequently, "why is it you can not be like us?" My thoughts
were, how? This is the way I feel comfortable. This is the way I
feel safe. Most of all this is just how I am. Being a Witch begins
with the first time you connect with something you know is aware of
your happenings and surroundings. Someone who guides you and most of
all someone who acknowledges you for who you are and not what others
want you to be. My childhood was a struggle and quite painful, but I
always seemed to find an exit and eventually I found the answers but
it was not easy finding them. Finding an exit isn't always a good
thing though if you have suppressed feelings. Suppressing our
feelings is not the way! There are many ways to exit reality but
some of them are cowardess! Some of them are "Life Altering and some
are Life threatening!
" An I don't mean the peace pipe either.
Although I have been there to! lol Some of us find ways to conform
with being a Witch and find to no avail our answers do not
come "with ease", like a quick fix with a love spell or even more
alarming, to harm another. To me this is not what a real Witch
should be! Being a Witch are none of these for most of us follow the
rule "An we harm none!" Life really has its advantages if and only
if we want it to be that way. We are all gifted with the ability to
choose, but choose the right way! If we so choose that life is not
the answer than its a sad way to go really when so many things have
gone without service. Service to thyself and Service to others! Many
who love us and we 'feel they do not' are the most affected. In
life we are always striving to better ourselves, work a little
harder, please a little more, keep peace or even cause disharmony
when we ourselves hurt and struggle inside to be needed and wanted.
More so we need to be "Loved!" Lonely world it can be if there is
nothing to fulfill the need for love.

Not all of us have faced the lowest place of humanity. Not all of us
have faced our very own defecation and not all of us have faced the
crude reality of turning our self over to all that is! When I say
crude I mean that when it occurs, sometimes your caught off guard
and you have to face it no matter what the cost may be. Not all of
us will have to face it, some of us will have to. I have face all of
these! My decision to live was worth facing all of the things I
endured. Through this "Witchhood" as I call it, I find myself
holding my kaleidoscope seeing the reflective mirrors as the Gods
and Goddesses through their many different forms! I find my creative
abilities enhanced through the hands of the triplicity! They are not
my own for they are tools of my service. Many of us must face our
own shadow self and realise that others will not conform to our
ways. I am still holding my mirror! After all we are all on
different paths and are facing really ourselves "Good and Evil." But
I feel that it must be known that all paths do indeed lead to one!
May we find that way soon! This evening it is in my pleasure to
admit to my ups and downs in life to this point and I don't mind my
sharing with others who understand the walk and sharing my
indifference with others who have not. We know the path of the Witch
isn't always easy but we do realise it takes some damn hard work and
energy to put into it. But may we not be drained of our energy but
fill our cups until they overflow so we may share this with others
whom we love! This will be for our Sisters and Brothers. It seems
that at each level of initiation we strive to achieve what it is we
are here for. Each level seems to be more and more challenging.
Challenge will always confront us all of our lives as we continue to
learn new things and practice new ways. Achieving one and moving on
to the next.

The Kaleidoscope are the many faces of the Gods and Goddesses! May
we continue to turn the Wheel to the better ways of living! May we
continue to turn the ways to heal and to love! May we continue to
create a new world that's fascinating as a child gazing at new
wonders. This is how they want us to be! Being a Witch isn't always
easy but the return of work is rewarding as we place our efforts
into it! By paying attention as a student, we then learn the many
facets of new discoveries and life learning events. Let us begin

Rain Feather
9:13pm Monday July 2nd, 2007

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