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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Life Journey

The following is an English translation of a Greek piece of writing done by one of my new favorite writers. Check her out when you get a chance.

The Life Journey

The fascinating travel in the space of writing began completely suddenly one morning into the grey and monotonous walls of service where I worked in the past few years.
It appears that the inspiration and the spirituality do not have space and time restrictions and overtake all kinds of obstacles reaching in their target that is the creativity.

A small shell, gift of a good friend, that embellished the uncomfortable office of fussy everyday routine became my small boat for a transcendental travel in the space of imagination.
This certain was the reason, because the cause existed elsewhere, but this is another history, that we will discuss later….

This passage through another gate, in a country where live and act the all-creative elements of limited (but so much genuine….) energy, the beautiful talent of writing developed in an unusual initiatory travel.

A personal travel in the magic world of human search of all diachronic human values and superior spirituality.

The more basic motive for starting writing of my first book, as well as my articles was and still is my personal wish, each human existence to travel in the unique kingdom of words and pictures, overtaking the footprints of one hard reality that existed, it exists and I hope at some time it finally disappears.

The journey through the infinite pages of Time, through the sunless paths of Life and the impenetrable adversities that were erected front of me, helped me realise that the most difficult attainment for a human is uncovering himself, presenting to outside his original interior world, maintaining at the same time his integrity and his faith on certain genuine values and models, exceeding most times his strength of body and mind.

It appears - in the beginning-difficult, perhaps and impossible, but there’s no need of special components in order to achieve that.

Perhaps all of you may say that it is easier said than done, but when somebody takes the risk to move on it works in a miraculous way!

Slender blow, little sails of soul and we ply for great life- works and action, goals and objects that most of the time, we have no idea of what we are capable to accomplish.

Let yourself unfold and expand, the way Universe expands, and have faith in your value as well in our fellows, giving meaning in the word “ Life ”.

The travel of life is the greater and most exciting travel in this world!

Follow the footprints of your soul and cherish the travel. However, what is worth, is the travel, not the destination!

No travel does not complete its aim only by reaching its finish.

The finish signals the starting line for more prominent developments that are drawn in the labyrinthine maps of human mind, where is hidden the key with which opens the gates of effectuation and superior consciousness.

Good Travel!

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