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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Diplomacy - How to get along with annoying people.

Why offend when confronted with people's bad taste? Just answer politely with the following and walk away.

Situation: A coworker goes on and on about a lame place they visited.
Response: "I can totally see you having fun there."

A friend tells you about a horrible band he just loves.
Response: "I hear they have many fans."
Situation: A woman friend asks your opinion on her god-awful outfit.
Response: "I bet you'll get a lot of wear out of that."

Situation: The viewing of a less than attractive newborn.
Response: "Wow, what a baby!"

Situation: A buddy asks what you think about his new ugly girlfriend.
Response: "Dude, she seems really into you."

Situation: A gal pal asks what you think about her new ugly boyfriend.
Response: "He seems like the type that won't cheat."

Situation: A good friend shows you his cheesy website.
Response: "I don't know which animation to look at first!"

Situation: A guy at a party boasts about his boring job.
Response: "Holy cow, I could never do what you do!"

Situation: Someone asks, "I love Sopranos! What's your favorite episode?"
Response: "I'm really looking forward to the last one."

Situation: A friend gabs about her upcoming wedding for months on end.
Response: "I cannot wait 'til you get married. We're all counting the days."

Situation: An acquaintance asks what you think about her new hair style.
Response: "You know, not everyone can pull that off."

Situation: Someone says they love the job Bush is doing.
Response: "You are such a moron."


Elsa said...

You've got a gift! :-)

Rita Deo Barber said...

This is great! I especially love the last one! ;)