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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Is Online Dating Changing the Dating World?

Contributed by an anonymous guest writer:

Have you noticed that more and more online dating sites are popping up all over the Internet? Not to long ago all dating services charged a fee to help you find the perfect date. But with the growth of the Internet, people can now take advantage of free online dating services.

If you ask around or just sit and listen to your coworkers during their lunch break you will probably run into a few stories of people meeting their significant others on the internet. Not only are there sites designed specifically for dating but also there are social networking sites that have become designated territory for online dating. The entire concept of online dating is built around personal pages. These personal pages are like billboards designed to attract people.

With the growth of dating sites, the competition has become fierce. More and more sites have dropped their membership fee and offer free personals to anyone who is willing to set one up a free account. This makes sense because the more people that join a particular online dating site correlates into higher percentage of money the site can make on more advanced services or advertisement space.

Has Internet dating changed the dating world as we know it? As far as I can tell, no, not entirely but it has made the dating world more accessible. It is easy to hop on the Internet and spend some time looking through free personals. With a well-designed personal page, a visitor can get to know a person before they even meet them. This of course works out well for busy, shy, or social inept individuals who may not have time or feel comfortable in the traditional dating world. But on the other end, online dating may complicate the dating scene. In the past a couple out on their first date can spend long periods of time getting to know one another, discussing their likes and dislikes. In the free online dating world, this personal information has been displayed already. At the same time safety and privacy issues become factors when one is choosing to use an online dating service.

Whether at the local bar or on the Internet people put on their game face in the realm of attracting a date. There has always been a level of precaution and safety that needed to be taken into account when out on the town looking for a date. Has online dating changed the dating world? Maybe online dating has just intensified the dating world. But you know the saying. “The more things change the more they stay the same”.

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