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Saturday, January 28, 2006

January 29th, 2006 Today's Horoscopes

Aries – March 21 through April 20

This is a good time to begin humanitarian type endeavors. However, you may find that the practical everyday application of these good works is not very much fun. You will want to have a very realistic idea of what it is you are getting yourself into.

Taurus – April 21 through May 21

You could find yourself ready to accept a new job title, promotion, or other type of big career change. Make sure that you know what kind of time commitments it is going to require of you, because your loved ones are not going to be happy if you are always away from home working.

Gemini – May 22 through June 21

You could find that you are ready to embark upon a new adventure of higher learning and self-improvement. As you explore the universe and broaden your own horizons, you could find that the folks back home are getting more and more skeptical and negative about whom it is that you are becoming.

Cancer – June 22 through July 22

Things look really good in your bonus income sector. This means that taxes, commission checks, royalty checks, and your sweetheart’s assets are all growing beautifully. However it looks as if you might be neglecting your regular dependable sources of income. Make sure that you know what you are doing and read the fine print.

Leo – July 23 through August 23

A new romantic partner may look like the answer to all of your prayers, but are you expecting them to fix you? A partner can love us unconditionally, but they can’t make us be happy. We have to find that within ourselves.

Virgo – August 24 through September 22

You are in serious workaholic mode with a possible new job or new duties at your old job. It looks like red tape and bureaucracy hit you right off the bat, so just keep ploughing through it all. You’ve got so much energy and drive that you should be able to bust through whatever depression or frustration the corporate policies might be causing.

Libra – September 23 through October 23

You have an amazingly beautiful amount of creative energy. You want to build, create, or somehow give birth to something meaningful and special. Your friends and colleagues probably don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. That’s okay; bring forth the artist within anyway.

Scorpio – October 24 through November 22

You have some kind of a new event going on at home and it appears to be quite special. Either you have moved into a new dream home or moved in together with the love of your life or something else spectacular has happened. It seems to be causing a stir at work, only because you are not as willing to work 12 hours days anymore.

Sagittarius – November 23 through December 21

You have phenomenal communications and negotiations skills at this time. However, you are also going to have to make sure that what you say is meaningful and accurate. If you speak half-truths or intentionally try to mislead others with your words, then karma is prepared to bite you in the behind.

Capricorn – December 22 through January 20

You have some amazingly creative and positive energy in your personal wealth sector. However it looks like your partner is rather sour over it. You should also be careful that you make sure that you set up your tax withholdings carefully so that you aren’t sorry later.

Aquarius – January 21 through February 18

This is the annual Aquarius new moon. This is your day to make a wish as to how you would like to see the next year turn out and then send that wish out into the cosmos to see what happens. You might want to start out by wishing that your partnership challenges would ease up on you.

Pisces – February 19 through March 20

You are physically worn out, however you have a new grasp on life that is very strong and empowering. You actually have one of those ah-ha moments, and a phoenix rising experience, and a mental health breakthrough all in one. You don’t owe anything to anyone anymore. You have a clean slate to begin anew.

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Disclaimer – All astrological predictions are to be considered friendly advice based on the author’s personal opinions and used for entertainment purposes only. These are not to be considered promises, guarantees, or psychic predictions. They are simply potentials to be used at the reader’s own discretion. For important decisions, consult your personal intuition, doctor, accountant, lawyer, educator, or clergy as needed. It’s best to be informed on all levels.

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