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Thursday, January 12, 2006

January 13th, 2006 Today's Horoscopes

Aries – March 21 through April 20

Your heart may be at home, but your mind is on moving up the corporate ladder. You have the luck, intelligence, and ability to score a very lucrative deal. You really should not let it slide through your fingertips. Take the time to share your heartfelt feelings with those at home who are feeling a bit left out.

Taurus – April 21 through May 21

There seems to be a lot of stress building up around your communications and travel efforts. Either your romantic partner or your business partner is willing and able to save the day. Aren’t you glad you chose to team up with them!?

Gemini – May 22 through June 21

You could be feeling rather emotional over money matters. Luckily, you are feeling strong and healthy and are willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work fixing things. You will have more luck with non-salary type forms of payment, like commission checks, royalty payments, and loans.

Cancer – June 22 through July 22

You and your partner may not be seeing eye-to-eye today. Luckily, you have more than enough romance, creativity, humor, and playfulness to find a way to re-connect with each other. This is not exclusive to romantic partnerships. Business partnerships can benefit from the lighthearted creative energy too.

Leo – July 23 through August 23

Telecommuting or some other form of working from home could be the solution to your work related issues. Everyone is trying to get along and is doing their best to brainstorm creative productive ideas, but it gets a bit too crowded and chaotic sometimes. In order to do your best work, you might be better off working from a home office at least part-time.

Virgo – August 24 through September 22

You are in a very creative and funny mood today! Your friends, family, neighbors, and business colleagues are all enjoying the humorous upbeat energy you are bringing with you. Anyone with a problem should come to you for solutions today!

Libra – September 23 through October 23

Sometimes you wish that you could spend more time focusing on your career, but honestly with everything going on at home it’s just not possible. Luckily, there is plenty of good luck happening in your personal finances so apparently there is enough to pay for whatever it is that you are up to.

Scorpio – October 24 through November 22

You could very well find yourself in the role of salesman today, literally and figuratively. If you aren’t trying to get someone to sign on the dotted line, you are selling some new thought or idea to your friends and family members. You have the ability to inspire and move just about any audience, so use it wisely.

Sagittarius – November 23 through December 21

You are working so hard to increase your personal earnings. It looks like some type of government contract or corporate work is going to be just what the doctor ordered. There is currently more good luck surrounding these types of financial deals than working a normal 9-to-5 job.

Capricorn – December 22 through January 20

You are really quite popular with friends and colleagues at this time. They can probably lend a hand at helping you to smooth things over between you and your romantic or business partner. Sometimes it’s easier to have someone else speak well of us rather than trying to toot our own horn.

Aquarius – January 21 through February 18

If you have an eye for climbing up the corporate ladder, today is a good day to start. You have three powerful planets in your corporations sector and the planet of good luck in your professionalism sector. The energies are all blending perfectly for you to use however you like.

Pisces – February 19 through March 20

By being open-minded and doing your best to see things from everyone else’s point of view, you are able to bring your colleagues together so that everyone can work towards a common goal. Not only do you have effective leadership skills today, but you manage to keep things in an upbeat positive mood while doing so.

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