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Monday, January 23, 2006

February 2006 Astrology Forecasts

The February monthly horoscopes were posted to the website yesterday and emailed out to those on the mailing lists. Here are the links to each of the new forecasts as well as a letter that was attached to each one.

Plea For Help

I need your help. To make a very long confusing story short… I have worked 60-80 hours per week on these websites, books, articles, and horoscopes for almost three years now. Almost everything I do is given away for free. I had hoped that webmasters and periodicals using my articles and horoscopes would pay me for the use of my work since they were profiting from it. (Do a Google search for “Skye Thomas” or “Tomorrow’s Edge” and you’ll see what I mean.) But very few have ever seen fit to pay me a dime for the use of my work. Add to this, the fact that I get hate mail on a regular basis from people who think that if I charge them for my books then I must not be a very spiritual person. They seem to think that I am in it for the money. The truth is that in all this time, I’ve only earned a little over $600. Spread that out over almost 3 years and you can see that I am definitely not doing this for the money.

The only reason I was able to do this work for you was because someone I know was paying all of my bills for me. This person paid my rent, utilities, groceries, Christmas presents for my children, school clothes, birthdays, vacations to the Redwoods, everything. They sacrificed a lot to be able to do this for me. They were in no way wealthy, just a regular middle-class wage earner. The company they were working for closed down without giving them any kind of notice right after Christmas. My benefactor is now unemployed and on the verge of homelessness. They can no longer afford to support me, my children, and the work I’ve been doing.

When I turned to the various webmasters who have benefited so greatly from the use of my work, I pretty much got the door slammed in my face every time. My back is now against the wall. Financially, things couldn’t get much worse than they are right now.

My resume, work history, formal education, and experience are such that I will need to work two full-time jobs to support my family. I will need to work a third one to pay for daycare. When I even imagine not doing this work anymore, my heart breaks and I am reduced to tears. I don’t know who else to be or what else I could do that would ever be so meaningful as writing my little articles, books, and forecasts. Sure I get hate mail, but the notes and letters from those of you who have been somehow helped or encouraged by something I’ve written has more than made up for the lack of income. Some of your stories and struggles have reduced me to tears and some of you have kept me inspired when I was ready to give up and quit. I have never been so blessed as I have been over this last three years.

The only other solution I could come up with so that I would be able to remain in the ‘job’ instead of getting a ‘real job’ is to begin charging $1.31 per month for these forecasts. I know that sounds like an odd price, but the way I see it, if everyone on my zodiac signs mailing lists paid me $1 each month, I could support myself and my three kids quite modestly. Yes, I would be better off charging more, but I honestly only need $1 per forecast. (PayPal charges me $0.31 per transaction.)

As I’ve mulled this idea over in my head for the last few days, I came to realize that by doing it this way, I wouldn’t have to work so hard at selling my books and at selling the clothing and merchandise line we set up through CafePress. I could actually spend more time writing articles again and could finally create some balance in my life where I don’t feel like I HAVE to work 60-80 hours every week. I’ve been so focused on trying to learn sales, marketing, and advertising that I haven’t been able to write much of anything new since back in June. I also promised my readers a book about parenting two years ago and I would be able to finally take some time to sit down and write it. The other thing I could do, is give the ebook version of “Voices: Divinity or Insanity” away for free. I cannot afford to give the paperbacks away, but I could definitely give the ebook away to those who might not be able to afford it otherwise. It’s that book that gets me more hate mail than anything else. How dare I charge money for the information inside of it?! With your help, I could actually give it to them as a gift from my heart.

I have prayed a lot about this and hope that most of you will choose to stay on with me and won’t mind paying the $1.31 each month. It really does mean the world to me. Please help me stay “employed” in a job that I love more than I can ever tell you. I’ve put a ‘subscribe’ and an ‘unsubscribe’ button on each of the 12 zodiac pages. If you want to receive more than one forecast, then you will need to ‘subscribe’ to each of them individually. As always, I still promise not to sell or trade your email addresses with other webmasters or ad agencies. I hate spam as much as you do. Which reminds me, I wouldn’t have to send you advertisements mid-month anymore either. Thank you for your patronage so far. I hope we can continue on for many more years together.

take care,
Skye Thomas & family
January 21, 2006

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