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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Webmasters Looking to Increase Traffic

We just sent this press release out....

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Skye Thomas
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Tomorrow's Edge
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Skye Thomas Caves in to Competitors’ Requests for Help

Skye Thomas is the CEO of Tomorrow’s Edge, an Internet leader in inspiring leaps of faith. The web-based company offers books, articles, clothing, and gift ideas designed to uplift, motivate, and celebrate. It is her desire to re-inspire people of all ages, faiths, and belief systems to recommit to the pursuit of happiness.

Despite her attempt to bring attention to these items of inspiration and self-growth, her astrology forecasts are the reason that fans keep coming back to her website on a regular basis. Thomas says she had no desire to become a professional astrologer. She was content to keep her 30-year hobby to herself. However, after many requests from those she had done private forecasting for, she gave in and began offering them to the general public through her website.

The response was more than she had expected. Traffic on her website doubled within a few days and tripled within two weeks. A year later, her website has become one of the top-ranked in the search engines for those seeking monthly horoscopes and astrology related information, thus bringing in even more traffic.

Other webmasters soon discovered the secret to her success and began requesting permission to use her forecasts on their own websites. Initially, she had turned down their requests stating that she did not want to give away her traffic to competing webmasters. After a year of fending off their pleas Thomas has changed her mind and agreed to share her work with other webmasters.

When asked why, Skye Thomas replied, “I think what is important here is that people need hope. They want to feel better about what is going on in the world and they want to believe that they have some power over their own lives. My forecasts can give them that. I weave inspiration, self-awareness tips, and self-accountability throughout the horoscopes so that people will have something meaningful to chew on. They can see that even though there might be a negative aspect coming up that they still have the ability to turn it around and make it work for them. They don’t have to be victims. It’s more important to me that we get the overall mood of hopelessness and depression to shift than it is to horde over my work with a selfish “Mine! Mine! Mine, and you can’t have it!” type of an attitude. I had to remind myself that this is not about how I personally can change the world, but how we can work together to bring about the changes we want to see.”

November forecasts were the first to be offered to others for use in websites, newsletters, and other publications. Entrepreneurs looking for a way to inspire their visitors as well as bring more traffic to their websites began placing orders last month for the first daily horoscopes and in-depth monthly forecasts offered through Tomorrow’s Edge. Monthly forecasts are sent out to webmasters between the 20th and 25th of each month. Daily forecasts are sent two weeks in advance so that webmasters have plenty of time to set things up on their own websites.

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