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Friday, August 12, 2005

Mark's Response to My Response....

And so it appears that we can move beyond our differences to create a dialogue. I really believe that we both mean to bring positive changes through education and awareness to the world....


Subject: I apologize for the angry attack....

Hi,I apologize for my extremely negative attacks in my last email. You're absolutely right, Jesus would have never said the things that I said to you in that email, and I feel really stupid for going off like that.. I also liked what you said about Gandhi, I really like Gandhi and I like to use quotes from him a lot.. Also, you made a lot of very good points in your email and I can see where you are coming from, however I feel like there are a lot of key points in this issue that are pretty debatable. That day I think I was looking around for something on the web that wasn't even related to the New Age movement and I accidentily came upon one of your articles, and when I started to read it, there must have been a few things that you said or talked about that really set me off. I also think I've heard of your name before, perhaps on a radio show or something, maybe coast to coast, I'm not sure. But I guess I was coming at you that day because of that online article (not sure which one it was now) and because I recognized your name as being one of the more prominent voices in the new age movement. So I was kind of targeting you as someone I could vent all my anger and frustrations at about the new age movement. I'm not sure if the New Age movement has so called spokespeople, I'm not sure, but I know that there are several prominent voices who talk about it, like on radio stations, etc... Again I apologize for my stupid comments, they were entirely unchristian.... And on the topic of christianity, I do have somewhat of a disagreement with you on the differences in Christianity and New Age, but I'm not sure if I really want to get into all of this... What I do know, and what I have just recently been researching is that this "New Age" movement, is not really new at all. It goes back several thousand years, to Ancient Egypt, Sumeria, and Babylon, to the very first civilizations. What I found facinating was when I was began reading about the god "Ea" or Enki from ancient sumerian myth. This of course predates the bible by a couple thousand years, but I think it is very interesting to note how "Ea" was a major god and there is a sumerian myth called "Enki and the World Order," which to me almost seems like New World Order. Enki also literally means "lord of the earth," and he is said to have fixed national boundaries and assigned gods their specific roles... This turns into a really interesting topic and one that can be confusing for a lot of christians. To me, I see a lot of similiarities in Enki and then later the Babylonion Marduk, and perhaps even the greek Zeus. More times than not these gods are associated with the black magic arts like sorcery and rituals and incantations. It is right here, when you begin associating these prominent Greek, Babylonian, and Sumerian gods with sorcery and magic and witchcraft that you deviate from the message of Christ and start delving into evil. To me these gods, Enki, Ea, Marduk, Zeus, etc, are classic new age gods. And from what I read about Marduk, he sounds almost like a dead ringer for Satan or Lucifer. And also, when you talk about some of these higher authorities in politics, freemasonry, etc, I know that they are highly involved with these black magic sorcery type of ancient gods, which to me is really creepy. I know that Hitler was definitely a New Ager, he was supposedly involved in something called the "Thule Society," which was a new age occult society that was into black magic of ancient Babylonian gods, especially Marduk. The Nazi symbols themselves are new age symbols, such as the black iron cross, the swastika, and even the eagle that they used... This is anything but christian, totally evil satanic stuff... To me the foundations of the new age movement started in ancient Sumeria and Babylon, several thousand years ago, with the likes of Ea, Marduk, and these huge temples and ziggurats that were dedicated to them... This all contrary to the beliefs of the real God and totally against my beliefs of true Love, and wayyy before Jesus Christ was ever born. And I know Jesus was real because he proved his love for humanity by sacrificing his life for us. No other God, whether real or mythical, from the Greeks, Babylonians, Egyptians, ever did anything like that... To me those were all fake gods, and to me the New Age is a fake movement, that's all about trying to keep their evil twisted dreams of conquering the world alive...

Thanks for reading and thanks for your responses!




I'm so glad that you wrote back. It's very easy with all of the b.s. going on in the world today (a physical war in Iraq, the philosophical war over the Patriot Act here at home, and the holy war that some are trying to start) to become extremely angry. There have been many days when I sound just as enraged as you were last week. The fact that you care so much about what is happening in this world is a good thing in my opinion.

You are absolutely right about the possibility of a debate between the core values and motivations behind Christianity and behind the New Age Movement. And I suppose that I am a voice for the New Age Movement, but I am also a voice for what I call Real Christianity, that being those who would practice the beautiful teachings of Christ regardless of what the churches have done to ruin his great works. There are popes who were no less evil than Hitler and his bunch and I will not call those popes Real Christians any more than I would call Hitler a Real New Ager. Too often we throw out the teachings and the spirituality of a religion because of the radical power hungry freaks who taint it with their very essence. Two of the ugliest lies told against both groups is that deep down all Christians are really white supremacists (very un-Christ-like) and that all New Agers are Satan worshippers (most do not even believe there is a Satan or they despise the concept of worshipping evil).

If we look into the hearts of those who would use their position in the clergy to molest children and if we look into the hearts of those like Hitler, we will see that deep down the core spirituality is missing. They did not believe in any form of divinity, love, unity, compassion, or awe inspired by the heavens. Hitler was not a Real New Ager, he had no real affinity for any religion, he and his buddies researched every single religion, artifact, holy place and such trying to harness the power that comes from those places, items, and practices for their own evil uses. That's not religion, spirituality, nor worship.... that's just trying to suck the power of the heavens for one's own selfish desires. Rasputin practiced a form of Christianity, but I sure as heck wouldn't call him a Real Christian.

To me, Real Christians, Real Buddhists, Real New Agers all have the same core intent regardless of who's teachings they follow... they all believe in love, self-discipline, taking responsibility for our own actions, non-judgment, compassion, and to walk with a gentle heart that would make the angels smile upon us. We all believe in angels so maybe that's a good common ground??? We could all argue theology, dogma, and such but that's really not something that I will ever argue over. As a New Ager, I do not care what religion someone practices as long as they do not harm themselves, others, or the planet.... otherwise, it's none of my business what they believe, who they pray to, or what sort of rituals they use to get closer to their definition of God.

Most religions tell us to love one another, watch out for some form of cosmic retribution if we treat each other badly, and to be stewards of the land and animals. The part we argue over is who exactly are we praying to and how to pray. We get into a really childish "my god is cooler than your god" type argument. Other versions of this argument are, "my god's older than yours" or "my god's tougher than yours" or "my god's the boss over yours." Or my personal favorite, "oh yeah! well there's more of us than there are of you, so we must be right!"

Then you get the power hungry control freaks involved and they start spewing their lies about the other religions and telling us to hate each other, "if they don't do it the way that i tell you to do it, then they are secretly praying to satan" Jesus did hands on healings and told us we could too... but when New Agers practice Reiki they are called Satanic... dumb! The truth is, they are trying to channel a clean healing angelic white light into the sick person's body to try to facilitate healings.... most of them call on a Christian version of God for assistance while they are doing so, but that information never makes it to the pulpit.

Here's what I can tell you from personal experience and it matches what my friends and colleagues have told me. Telepathy, hands on healing (also called energy work), the ability to converse with the angels, the ability to manifest things, events, circumstances with simple thoughts, and such.. all of that stuff that we New Agers do that is called dabbling in the black arts... none of it works when we are angry, pissed off, revengeful, or in any way trying to deceive or harm others. It only works when we have an open loving mind and heart. That pretty much matches what Jesus said about performing the miracles that he performed. I've heard some arrogant jerks claim that they can muster up powers for dark uses, but they tend to be bullshit artists and liars in general so I don't believe them. I personally have never known anyone who could make ugly things happen. They could only use their psychic powers for good. Otherwise it gets shut off. Every single psychic I know believes that God gave them the gift so that they could put it to good use helping others. That never makes it to the preacher's sermon either. There is a lot of Jesus and what I call Real Christianity in the New Age Movement. But the churches would have the masses believe otherwise.

Mark, I did not look to become psychic. From the time I was a very small child, I knew the future events before they would happen. I could read people's thoughts better than they could. It took a long time to find out what it was and why others didn't see what I saw and didn't know the things I knew. I was not religious, but the angels came to me. I was sure that I had gone insane! That's why I wrote the book Voices: Divinity or Insanity? because if you are not religious when they come you think that you have lost your mind. When those angels told me to do the work that I'm doing, I was sure that they had mistaken me for someone else. What would you do if you were told to "make them happy" because the peoples of earth are much too sad and have lost their spirit to really live life to the fullest? I fought them for ten years telling them that they had the wrong person. After many tough lessons and quite a few bricks upside the head, I surrendered not only to the mission that they had asked of me but also to the fact that yes I am the right person to do this.

Part of why I didn't want to go was because I had seen a premonition of being shot and taking a bullet while on stage trying to teach people how to be happy. Someone in the bible belt is not going to be too thrilled with my New Age approach to creating peace and happiness. The angels confirmed that yes the vision is accurate. I had to make peace with that aspect of my work and that people will hate me despite the fact that my message is always from a place of trying to help others find real love in their hearts. They killed Jesus, they killed Gandhi, they killed Martin Luther King Jr, they always kill the peace makers. The angels keep sending out peace makers and humans keep killing them. So you can see why I got so passionate about the fact that yes I may die for what I teach, but I will teach it anyway. In my mind, in my heart, in my reality ~ my work is the work of angels and no bible thumping Christian is going to tell me otherwise. For the record, they have told me that even though I take a bullet, I will not die from it. Funny thing, am not afraid to die for my beliefs, but not really fond of the idea of suffering a painful gun shot wound! LOL

I meant what I said, I will not allow those corrupted ones who call us evil to trick me into joining a holy war. The angels do not want us to fight. That is not why they are here. I cannot tell you for sure who or what 'god' is. But I can tell you for sure that there are angels on earth and they love us dearly and are doing all they can to get us to quit destroying ourselves with all of our bigotry, self-deception, and unfounded rage. I do not practice any form of dark magic, I am trying to channel the voices of angels while living in an ugly time in history. I am not the stable, calm, peaceful Mother Theresa type. I do not have the intelligence of Einstein, nor the global education that I would like. I get cussing and spitting mad just like you do. I know that the New Age people are gentle folks who are trying to do good. They are no more or less gullible than the majority of traditional Christians. They are no more or less evil or pure good than the Christians either. They are just trying to live their lives and to connect with their own spirituality in their own way. I do fight for their right to do so just like I fight for your right to do the same. I really do believe in a melting pot America where freedom of religion is available for everyone not just a select group of powerful Christians who would even outlaw other forms of Christianity because they aren't doing it their way. Jesus did not tell them to do that. He did not tell them to be hateful and ugly towards anyone. If I were Jesus I would be outraged at what people do in his name. But like I said, I'm not as centered and peaceful as my heroes were.

There is a political group in America called the Dominion. They call themselves Christians and frankly they are to Christianity what Hitler was to the New Age Movement. In the same way that he had nothing but power and greed in his heart, these folks are the same way. They are trying to convince us to have a holy war so that we won't notice what they are really up to. New Agers cannot take them down because it has to come from the Real Christians. If we do anything at all, they will just claim that we are offering proof of the fact that Satan has power over us. Why else would we want to stop them, right? I would hope that Real Christians will find out about these guys and would denounce them as not behaving anything like what Jesus role modeled. Only Real Christians can save their religion from becoming another Nazi movement.

Rallying today's New Agers into a political force is pretty much like herding cats. We are so damn unorganized! LOL But that's the core of us at heart, a bunch of independence freaks who simply want to find our own way. And yes, it may very well be our downfall. We may be a movement per se, but we sure as heck are not heading in any sort of a focused direction. All we can agree on is that we want the world to be loving and united. We don't have a clue as to how to get there so we all wander around looking for signs from above that we are on the right path. Believe me when I tell you, we are not a united force with an evil agenda to be feared.

Good luck to you and to your religion. There is much upheaval within the world as to what it means to be a Christian these days and what is Christianity's place in the world. That must be very difficult. I pray that the Real Christians who follow Jesus' words instead of the church's words will prevail. I really like his teachings. I'd like to see more people on this planet behaving like him. If you are one of those who ends up battling to reclaim the name Christian to mean that which is Christ-like, then I warn you to keep an eye out for the Dominion. They will accuse you of being a Satan worshipping New Ager, sadly misguided soul, and such.

take care my friend,

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