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Friday, August 05, 2005

I do receive hate mail....

This is an email that I received and my response. It appears that he did a search for "The New Age Movement" and came up with my article by the same name, because that is what he is referring to. (You can read it by clicking on the linked title.) I'm sharing it with you because what he believes about the New Age Movement really is being taught to a lot of people. The ugliness that he says is happening in the world is real. The fact that he has been told that we are somehow behind it or would ever endorse it needs to be addressed.


Re: The New Age Movement
The New Age Movement is not about love, but is entirely about brainwashing, lies deception, the very roots of evil. It is mainly the goal of these world leaders the media and government elite, to pull the wool over everyone's eyes to hide their real agenda, which has been the agenda of evil for the past three thousand years. It is a New World order, it is about conforming the masses to global unity, and ultimately it is going to result in mass population reduction in the millions. Their goal is to keep us so distracted, so misinformed, so mindless and hypnotically brainwashed in these fantasy New Age ideas, that most of us will not even care about their ultimate plan to eliminate us. They think of people like you Skye, as a "useless eater," and they will round you and millions like you up like sheep or cattle. You may laugh and delete this email and seriously think I'm nutts, but I'm telling the truth, you will be slaughtered like a farm animal, and the whole time you will be decieved into thinking it's about love... yadda yadda love, yadda yadda enlightenment, yadda yadda unity. Perhaps, there is a slim, tiny tiny remote chance that you will wake up right before they turn on the deadly gases in the gas chambers.. This world is the same thing that it has always been, a spiritual battlefield, and when you buy into this New Age movement that is being pushed on us by the media and world governments, you are essentially giving up, and allowing them to use you. Manipulate you... I guess the New Age movement is a great happy alternative for mindless dummies, and spiritual cowards, those that really don't give a shit and are pretty much giving up.. It's a great sheep mentality for slaughter.. However there will be a minority of us fighters who will resist this fucked up, lying murderous, bullshit movement, who don't get conned so easily. You say that love has taken hold of this country, but it's pretty obvious that you have already been takin in hard by the brainwashing. It's evil... Evil has defeated your mind. God, you seriously need to wake up. Even if it means risking your life, wake up, don't give them your soul. I seriously think this Mark of the beast shit is for real. Look at RFID tags, the Verichip, these are all control mechanisms for the elite. These people are fucking monsters. There is no such thing as a New Age movement, it is a fucking scam a total fabrication.

Also, if you have any ounce of individuality or character left, I seriously suggest you take a look at the Denver Airport Murals... You think that they are going to spare Gays or lesbians or Blacks and Native Americans?? Look at the Murals at the Denver Airport which specifically target Minorities such as blacks and native americans under the Aryan nazi swords. Look at those murals and also read up on chemtrails. There is some seriously fucked up shit going on in this country right now going on right now in clear daylight.. It is seriously unbelievable... If you are interested I could give you some good links on this stuff... You gotta do the research...Don't be stupid

I believe that this New Age movement is a huge colossal front for a new world order, ruthless Nazi dictatorship, whose agendas will include genocide, mass murder, population reduction, terror attacks on its own cities, including biochemical and nuclear. Rounding up of the the decieve masses like yourselves in NWO concentration camps, awaiting death. This same thing, exact same scenerio happened to the Jews 60 years ago and they thought it was a joke at first too... This shadow government does exist, it is warping and twisting our mind, it is controlling us through our television screens, billboards, movies, and fuck knows what else. You've gotta wake up and you have to care. This is a war and you have to wake up and fight it...

"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

"Also... If you have the program Microsoft word, you need to try this... Open up Word, change your Font to "Wing Dings" and change your font to all caps... Type Q 33 NYC Remember, microsoft word came out before the 9/11 terror attacks... How on earth did they know??

Matthew 7:13-14



Dear Mark,

The tone of your letter and the way that you have chosen to conduct this first encounter with me tells me that you came looking for a fight. Your hate and disdain for a group of people that you do not know is obvious. I know many people who would tell you to replace the words “New Age Movement” with “Christianity” and that your words would then be an accurate portrayal of what is going on at this time in history. Your tone and your opinions would actually appear to prove them right.

However, I for one agree with you on almost everything you said. The ugliness and Nazi-like hell going on is exactly as you described it. You are simply blaming the wrong people. You see, had you taken the time to get to know me and most of my fellow New Agers, you would find that we are indeed awake and panicking over the very same things that you are telling us to wake up and notice. We too hate it. We too would call to others to wake up and pay attention to what is happening. We too have referred to it as a Nazi type regime that is currently running this country. We too think that the Christians are blind sheep being played by an evil force. The difference is, we do not hate you for being Christians. Many New Age people are Christians too. Having an open-mind and allowing others to practice whatever religion they choose as long as it does not harm anyone does not make us evil, gullible, nor Satanic. It just means that we are able to see where others are coming from and choose to honor their path. Yes, that sounds like a bunch of crap. But what you really do not grasp is that the core of the New Age Movement is “leave me alone to find my own way.” Many find their way to a closer connection to Buddhism, to Christianity, to Native American beliefs, to Pagan beliefs, to Jewish beliefs, or whatever else works for them.

Many of us love the teachings of Christ and are heart-broken that so many Christians don’t live by the words and role modeling that he set for them. It’s heart breaking to see such beautiful teachings thrown away in bigotry and arrogance. Jesus did not teach bigotry and arrogance. How many Christians live their lives as if they have a free pass to heaven as long as they say that they love Jesus? They don’t live like him, they don’t behave the way that he taught, they simply think that they can do whatever they want to whoever they want while proudly proclaiming their spot in heaven because someone killed the founder of their church. To be a Christian is to be Christ-like. Jesus would never have treated me the way that you just did.

Now that I’ve probably pissed you off and you are not reading this with an open-mind (if you ever were), let me tell you what I really think of the Nazi type business going on in this country and what is really going on. Christians are being lied to and told that there is a holy war in this country and that they better get rid of anyone who doesn’t pray to God the way that they do. New Agers are being told that Christians are starting a holy war and are going to commit genocide because they cannot stomach the idea that somebody does not pray the way that they were taught to pray. Both sides are being told that the other is starting it. I know first hand many beautiful souls on both sides who would never ever harm another. I know first hand many ignorant jerks and extremists on both sides who would kill anyone who didn’t agree with them. So are we in a holy war? NO! We are not!

This war is about money, greed, and power. If you knew the people in the New Age Movement, you would know that we do not have the money nor the desire to run countries and we really do not give a damn what religion someone else practices as long as nobody is getting hurt. Moreover, real Christians may have the money but they do not have the desire to harm others in the name of Jesus Christ. They leave it up to God to serve us whatever punishment might be owed to us for not praying according to someone’s laws. Modern Christianity is behaving very much like the Jewish were back in Jesus’ lifetime. Do you really think he’d be sending out hate mail and going to war in Iraq over oil if he was here again today? No of course not. We, the ignorant masses are being told to fight a holy war amongst ourselves so that the real criminals in this country can continue setting up the Nazi regime that you described.

Who needs to wake up? Yes, my fellow New Agers do need to wake up and realize that love and candle lighting isn’t going to save us. Yes, the Christians need to wake up and realize that prayers and saying mass isn’t going to save them either. All of us need to quit bickering over which religion is best and pay attention to the real evil that surrounds us. There are charlatans and snake oil salesmen in all of the religions. There are corrupt clergy who molest children in all of the religions. There are closed-minded militant zealots in all of the religions.

The New Age Movement is NOT about one particular belief system. It’s about me deciding that despite the fact that you treat me like an idiot and trashed everything I believe in without having a clue as to who I am and what I believe, that I choose NOT to hate you back. And the New Age Movement is about me NOT needing to convert you to a more open-minded attitude. You have my permission to stay just the way that you are. Does that sound pompous and controlling? Of course it does. When you tell me to change my spiritual beliefs or else I will be killed, I have to laugh. I will die someday whether I am hateful like you or loving like me, so what does it matter to you how or when I die and who makes the decision to end my life? Nowhere in your letter did I get the impression that you would be sorry to see me or any of my gentle New Age friends get gassed.

Yes, they may come for me and my unity-loving friends of all religions some day. But they won’t kill us for being loving and dreaming of real peace on earth. They will kill us because we could not be controlled and told how to pray to God. They will kill us over which words we use to describe the power of God. They will kill us over the fact that we saw right through them and never fell for their stupid teachings of hatred and bigotry. They will kill us because we stood for something that would have destroyed their ability to own and control all of the money, land, resources, and governments of the world.

Put my life on the line to stand up to the Nazi force taking over America? Yes, I have. By standing up for love, and doing so publicly, I have subjected myself and my children to the ugliness, hatred, and tyrannical viewpoints of those who are tricked into thinking that my wanting to believe in love is somehow a sign that the devil has taken over my soul. Yes I stand, and I may be killed for my beliefs, but it’s going to take a lot more than someone who doesn’t even bother to find out what I believe to convince me that what I believe is evil and wrong.

Anyone who thinks we are in a holy war is guilty of exactly the blind sheep mentality that you are accusing us of. We are not at war with you. I know this is difficult for you to believe but we really don’t give a damn what you believe, who you pray to, or which secret handshakes your church subscribes to. We don’t care enough about what you think to convert you. We don’t care enough to hate you. We don’t care enough to try to change you. Look to the people who tell you there is a holy war. Why do you believe them? Who is lining their pockets with money and power? Who has something to gain by the New Age Movement being crushed? Trace the money, and you will find the real source of all of this B.S. that you think we are too stupid to recognize.

You think the media is run by New Agers and yet the New Agers are complaining that they can’t get their stories into the mainstream news. You think the New Agers are in power and yet Bush and most of his cronies are hard core Christians. They are NOT open-minded, live and let live, Christians either. We don’t have the money nor the power to get anyone into office. Granted some of our gurus are as corrupt as yours, but the real New Agers are not behind this war any more than real Christians are behind it.

My fellow New Agers get angry at me because I’m not lovey-dovey enough and the Christians get mad at me because I’m not hateful and bigoted enough. My job is to write from a universal voice to all people all over the planet. I cannot and will not favor one culture, one religion, or one belief system over another. I teach people how to look at themselves and see what they can do to change their lives into something that they can feel proud about. That includes finding a spiritual path that they can really feel good about. I never tell them what to believe, who to pray to, or what their particular version of “happily ever after” ought to look like. I never tell them to convert others to their beliefs. I never tell them to fight or to go to war against anyone else. But I do teach them to find their real belief systems and to stand firm and not allow others to bully them. I believe that it’s better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you are not. If you had read any of my other articles, you would know that.

Look at yourself sir, what can you do to make this world a better place? Do you really believe that calling me stupid somehow made the Nazis go away? Did it make you feel safer when you laid your head on your pillow to fall asleep knowing that you went off on another mindless dummy? You want to take on the new regime that is destroying this country? Then do it, but I would recommend that you find out who is really behind it and leave the innocents alone. Otherwise, you are the one falling into their trap. I will not fight you. I choose not to follow that path. I know that you are an innocent who has been brainwashed just as you claim that I have been. If you have been fed the same lies about me that I have been fed about you, then it is only natural that you would hate me. I am not angry at you for believing what you were told about us, I am angry at those who lied to you and would use you in their evil plot keeping you focused on me instead of on them.

The fact that I do not hate you is what that article was about. The New Age Movement is not about hate. That does not mean that we are not hated and that we do not recognize that fact. The Germans were lied to and told that the Jews were the enemy and needed to be slaughtered. Yes I am quite aware that the current regime is telling the Christians the same thing about us New Agers. Yes I am aware that I could die by the hands of a zealot. But I will not quit believing in what I believe in any more than the Jews quit being Jewish just because Hitler and his buddies said they were the enemy. ‘Keep the masses fighting amongst themselves and they’ll never notice what we are doing behind their backs.’ I wish the rest of the folks out there could see that all of this bickering between your kind and my kind is not going to stop the real evil people at work here. It’s all a stupid distraction. Well it won’t work. I won’t be distracted by a make-believe holy war. I see the real enemy and it is not you.

Since you left me one of your favorite scriptures, I will leave you one of my favorite tidbits too….

Ghandi often felt like a failure.

I can certainly relate to that as I too try to get the world to open their eyes to what is happening in the world today. I too struggle with trying to get them up off their couches and into the battle against the real enemy.

take care,

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