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Friday, July 22, 2005

United for Peace

United for Peace and Justice

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Help make the fall anti-war mobilization a success!

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September 24-26: End the War on Iraq!

Three Days of Mass Action in Washington, D.C.

In this alert:

1. Sept. 24 Rally to Be Held at Washington Monument; March Route Under Negotiation

2. Sept. 24-25 "Anti-war Fair" Planned

3. Sept. 25 Interfaith Service to Feature Actor Danny Glover & Many Notable Religious Leaders

4. Sept. 26 Grassroots Lobby Day & Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Action Plans Moving Forward

5. Spread the Word

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1. Sept. 24 Rally to Be Held at Washington Monument

United for Peace and Justice is delighted to announce that we have secured the grounds of the Washington Monument for the rally that will precede our massive peace march on Saturday, September 24. This large, high-profile location will readily accomodate the truly enormous turnout against the war we are expecting for September 24.

We are still negotiating the route for the massive march that will follow the rally on Saturday, September 24, and will keep you posted as negotiations proceed. We are seeking a route that will take us past the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, now headed by Iraq War architect Paul Wolfowitz. The IMF and World Bank will be meeting throughout the weekend, and we will be highlighting the close connections between their aggressive and destructive policies of corporate globalization and the larger empire-building agenda of the Bush Administration. The Mobilization for Global Justice and other groups are planning a number of additional activities to protest the IMF/World Bank meetings, and we will keep you posted on how to plug in.

Organizing an event on the scale of our September 24-26 anti-war mobilization requires enormous resources, including money for sound and stage equipment, tents, and transportation, not to mention the cost of printing huge numbers of leaflets, posters, and other mobilizing materials. Please make a donation today to support our organizing efforts. For each donation of $25 or more, we'll send you five of our brand-new September 24 buttons, so you can start raising the visibility of the protest in your community. Click here to donate online or call 212-868-5545 to make a donation by phone.

2. Sept. 24-25 "Anti-war Fair" Planned

We are not just bringing huge numbers of people to Washington to protest the Iraq War ... we plan to send everyone home energized, inspired, and prepared to intensify their organizing efforts in communities large and small.

The United for Peace and Justice fall mobilization will include a special "anti-war fair" designed to connect grassroots activists with a wide array of organizations and campaigns. At the "anti-war fair," you'll find leaflets, how-to guides, activist toolkits, and other resources; have an opportunity to talk to knowledgeable organizers involved in everything from counter-recruitment work to faith-based organizing to immigrant rights and civil liberties; learn more about a range of key issues that United for Peace and Justice works on, from seeking to disarm nuclear weapons to opposing U.S. support for Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands. We're very excited about our plans for this participatory, interactive "anti-war fair," which will strengthen a broad range of important activist initiatives. More details to come ...

3. Sept. 25 Interfaith Service to Feature Actor Danny Glover & Notable Religious Leaders

A major interfaith service is being organized for Sunday evening, September 25, as part of the three-day mobilization. Spearheaded by Clergy and Laity Concerned About Iraq (CALC-I), a project of United for Peace and Justice, this event will bring together people from a wide array of faith traditions who are united in moral outrage about the ongoing war in Iraq. The master of ceremonies for this important evening will be actor Danny Glover, an outspoken voice for peace. We are still finalizing the venue for the interfaith service and will update you when the information is available.

4. Sept. 26 Grassroots Lobby Day & Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Action Plans Moving Forward

There will be two other key components of our three-day mobilization against the war in Iraq: a large-scale grassroots lobby day, when we will focus pressure on Congress to stand against the Iraq War; and massive nonviolent civil disobedience and direct action, designed to intensify our resistance to the Bush administration's war policies. These events are being organized by working groups of United for Peace and Justice, and are still in the planning stage, although we have already heard from many people around the country who are planning to participate. We will keep you informed as details emerge about the plans for the day and how you can participate.

5. Spread the Word

Please forward and post this alert widely. We also urge you to visit the fall mobilization section of our website for other tools you can use to publicize the September 24-26 actions: leaflets, website banners, and brand-new pinback buttons.

6. Donate Now!

We have great plans for the three days of action and tremendous enthusiasm about this effort. Now we need the financial support to make it all happen. Please take a moment right now to help out!

For a donation of $25 or more, we'll send you five of our fall mobe buttons - one for you, and four to share with friends.
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Massive 3-day mobilization in Washington, D.C.

September 24-26, 2005

Visit our website today to download leaflets, endorse the mobilization, and learn more about the plans for this powerful weekend of action

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