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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Strength from Within

I'm leaving for the Redwoods in a few hours and wanted to get one more blog out for you so that you'd have some reading material while I'm gone. I'll be back Friday, but don't know for sure when I'll be caught up enough to get back to blogging.

It’s no secret that many potential female triathletes have abandoned their dream of training for, competing in and finishing a triathlon because they simply could not find the support, motivation and coaching necessary for them to reach that goal. In a sport where women are a significant minority, - USAT’s 2004 numbers have women comprising only 34% of the 55,000+ Annual Members – finding these resources can be difficult. That is unless you live in Richmond, Virginia, home of Triathlon Moms.

Ready for a Dog's Life?
When a potential employer signals from the very start that you are a lower form of life, walk away. It's that simple

Confidence brims over after self-defence camp
Charged with the confidence that they can now protect themselves, around 2,800 women - some middle aged housewives, some doctors - gave mock karate kicks and yells here Friday to demonstrate what they had learnt at a 10-day self defence camp.

Barbie’s figure ‘gives young girls a desire to have a thinner body’
Girls as young as five worry about their weight after seeing images of unrealistically slim figures, new research has revealed. In the first study of its kind, researchers used pictures of Barbie dolls to assess the impact of cultural ideals of “thinness” on very young children. A group of more than 100 girls, aged between five and seven years old, were given books to look at while someone read them a story about shopping and getting ready to go to a birthday party. Some of the books contained images of Barbie, while the others showed “neutral” pictures which contained no people at all.

Cancer survivor makes a statement, with grace
AS THEY DO every spring, cancer survivors were decked out as fashion models at a luncheon given by the St. Louis branch of the AMC Cancer Research Center. Even among this diverse human array of ages and sizes, when Pamela Dern strode down the runway at the Renaissance Grand Hotel, you could almost feel a gasp sweep through the room.

Life begins at 60
As one enters Master M.H. Cho's martial arts studio, there are four ideals on the window each person can read before entering. The ideals include: self-discipline, self-confidence, self-respect and self-defense. Dr. Jerome Roche used these powerful ideas to attain his black belt in tae kwon do, and he accomplished this feat at the age of 60.

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