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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Different Paths for Different People

Sorry for not posting much recently. I've been working furiously on other things trying to get caught up from last week's surprises and getting things set up f9or my vacation next week. I'll try to get a handful of posts in here before I head out of town next week.

New cosmological insights from the East
EASTERN religious traditions can provide new cosmological insights as the methods used by ancient cosmologies for predicting solar and lunar eclipses yield results almost as accurate as our modern ones, and in the case of India, the Hindu pundits still use them, says Dr Paul Utukuru, a retired medical physicist in the Science and Theology News, a French monthly newspaper.

Iraqis turn to books for guidance and solace

In a narrow alley off Mutanabi Street, Baghdad's main book market, the Dar al-Bayan bookshop is full of dust and classics. Old men sip tea in the back and talk of times past, before dictatorship, when poets and intellectuals made life here bright.

Parapsychology now a college subject
THIS school year, for the first time, a new and highly controversial course will be included as required subject for incoming senior students of Philosophy and Human Resources at San Beda College. The course is called New Age Philosophy and Parapsychology and I was invited to teach it for one semester. Frankly, I was surprised when asked to handle the subject by the head of the Philosophy Department, Prof. Raffy Dolor, whom I had never met. He said he always had a deep interest in the subject, which had been approved by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and by the school.

Comet opens its heart as probe hits target
ECSTATIC NASA scientists were last night studying pictures of the inside of a comet after smashing a probe into the giant block of ice 83 million miles from the Earth.

Journey into summer with mythology, science

Every journey through the stars is a mixture of ancient legend and modern science. In tonight's sky, we can take such a journey: from the brightest star of spring to the brightest star of summer. We start at Arcturus (arc — of the Big Dipper's handle — to Arcturus). Arcturus is the brightest star of the constellation Bootes (pronounced boo-oh-tes). In mythology, Bootes was identified with Atlas, supporting the sky on his shoulders. In ancient times, the North Pole was close to Bootes, and the stars circled Bootes as they now circle Polaris.

The call of the wild
As a boy in Belfast, Danny Martin hiked the hills of Black Mountain that sheltered his home in Northern Ireland's capital. At that height, where the lapwings and the curlews made their nests, he would lie in the heather and feel such harmony with the heavens, he recalls, that it was like receiving Communion at early morning Mass.

The Mainstreaming of Anti-Semitism - Few raise alarms when media bigs attack Jews
The commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, held at the former Nazi death camp in Poland on January 27, featured speakers warning about a new rise in anti-Semitism. “From broken windows to death camps was the blink of an eye,” said Moshe Kantor of the European Jewish Congress (New York Times, 1/27/05), referring to the brief time between the 1938 “Kristallnacht” attacks on Jewish neighborhoods and the hatching of the “final solution” in 1942.

Magick and Reiki: When Two Paths Become One
The first time I ever heard of Reiki, I was at a local pagan festival. I was helping out a friend with his shop's booth for the weekend. Before we packed up to go home, I did some quick shopping for thank you gifts I wanted to give the family members who had cared for my kids for the weekend. I found some lovely, inexpensive citrine crystal pendants at one of the booths and decided to purchase one for my mother-in-law. The woman who sold it to me asked if she could Reiki it for me, I had seen the sign and books on the subject around her booth all weekend. I didn't really know what Reiki was, but it seemed right, so I said, "Sure, why not." She held the crystal in both hands silently and after a moment she exclaimed softly, "Oh, this crystal is drawing a lot of energy." The she pointed out that the hair on her arms was standing on end. I was very interested. After handing the stone back to me and I made my purchase, she asked me if I did any energy work. I told her, "Yes, I do. I practice Wicca." She replied, "No, dear, I mean energy work. Wicca is not the same thing." I left feeling a bit confused. I worked with energy all the time, as most Wiccans do. My curiosity was peaked about this Reiki.

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