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Friday, July 22, 2005

August Astrology Forecasts are up!

I finished the monthly horoscopes and got them hung up on the website and emailed out to everyone late last night. The emails still seem to be having a lot of trouble getting through people's spam filters and I cannot seem to get people to understand that they need to go in and manually tell their spam blockers who is safe to recieve mail from. Otherwise the systems will assume that all of your newsletters and such are spam and will not deliver them to you. I can't tell you how many people re-opt into our mailing lists over and over again not understanding that we are sending the newsletters to them and it's their spam filters that are stopping the mail from getting all of the way to them. I run the newsletters through a spam checker before sending them to see what I can do on my end to keep it from happening. The biggest problem is that when I write about abundance and prosperity or about the financial aspects of someone's monthly astrology forecasts, the spam filters assume that I'm using those keywords because I'm pitching something rather than that maybe the reader actually requested the information be sent to them. Hope this makes sense, and if you are having trouble recieving your emails from us, please look at how to fix your settings so that we can get them to you.

Here's the links to the horoscopes for those of you who didn't get yours...

Aries August Horoscopes
Taurus August Horoscopes
Gemini August Horoscopes
Cancer August Horoscopes
Leo August Horoscopes (Happy Birthday!)
Virgo August Horoscopes
Libra August Horoscopes
Scorpio August Horoscopes
Sagittarius August Horoscopes
Capricorn August Horoscopes
Aquarius August Horoscopes
Pisces August Horoscopes

Am almost done playing catch up from last week's vacation in the Redwoods. I'll get some more reading material posted here for you soon.

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