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Monday, June 13, 2005

Today's Family Dynamics

Today's articles explore some of the family related topics being covered by the media.

The Growing Epidemic of Young Adults Mooching off of Their Parents
What builds self-esteem faster than the wonder of leaving home as a young adult and finding one’s way in the world? The grand adventure of leaping from the nest and learning to fly may be the most exciting and empowering experience known to humankind! Sadly, there’s an epidemic of grown birds not being allowed or expected to take flight. At almost every one of my seminars a well-meaning parent asks me what to do with their “child” who’s disrespectful and disobedient. After some prodding, I learn that their “child” is actually 21 years old and lives at home!

More wives bringing home the bacon
More than 8.3 million wives are bringing home bigger bucks than their husbands. That's one out of four dual-earning couples where the wife makes more moolah -- up 7 percentage points in the last 16 years, according to a report on women in the labor force released last week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

More and more experts say ADHD can be a gift rather than a malady
Attention, ADHD sufferers - your condition just might be your key to success. That's the refrain of an increasing number of experts who assert that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is not a curse. If properly channeled, its characteristic symptoms of distractibility, impulsiveness and restlessness could be a blessing.

Generation Vexed
Now the children of the baby boomers are having children. And they worry if they're doing a good job, writes Steve Dow.

Disciplining Kids: What Parents Try and Why - Study Peeks Inside the Parent-Child Power Struggle
If TV's "Super Nanny" hears about the latest U.S. survey on child discipline, her eyebrows might shoot straight up to her hairline. The survey of more than 1,500 parents in 27 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico gives a behind-closed-doors look at how parents discipline their kids. Methods ran the gamut from the matter-of-fact (removing privileges) to the chaotic (yelling) to the physical (spanking).

More Backlash Than Bliss 1 Year After Marriage Law
In the year since Massachusetts became the only state to permit gays and lesbians to wed, more than 6,000 same-sex couples have traded marriage vows. To commemorate today's anniversary, many of those couples plan to waltz at a gala party at Boston's swank Fairmont Copley Plaza hotel and pose for a group photograph outside the statehouse. Among other festivities around the state, the Boston suburb of Belmont plans an ice cream social.

Table manners
Tony Blair wants to foster a new "culture of respect" across the UK and more family mealtimes could be part of the plan. But can eating together really combat yob culture? After hooded tops, the disappearance of family mealtimes is the latest thing turning youngsters into yobs, according to the government.

Why Newborns Cause Acrimony and Alimony
Differences in expectations of what parenting will bring to the marriage, and how to handle children, money, power, decisions, and chores all factor into the stresses that erode so many unions. Babies enter a couple's life through birth, adoption, or remarriage, creating new relationships, responsibilities, and joys. Whether a surprise, planned, or long sought, most babies are preceded with increased excitement, careful preparations, and growing hopes. Tiny clothing is bought; bedrooms are repainted; the best safety furniture and carriers obtained. Parents-in-waiting attend prenatal classes, scour books for information, and tolerate bushels of uninvited advice from family, friends, and strangers. Many couples seem overprepared, if such a thing is possible.

Second season of child’s life turning point
IN THE EARLY 1960s, songwriter/folk singer Pete Seeger wrote “Turn, Turn, Turn,” which was later rocked up and made popular by The Byrds. The refrain was taken from The Book of Ecclesiates 3:1, the actual words of which read “There is a time for everything, and a season to every activity under heaven.”

Poor parenting at root of problem teens
I never thought when I got older that I would become a grouchy grownup, yelling at teen-agers and complaining about the annoying things they do. Yet there I was, watching a movie at our local theater with a friend, about two other couples scattered about, and a noisy group of teen-agers in the back. Holding back my impulse to trip the little monsters as they continuously walked up and down the aisle, I tried to tune them out and enjoy my movie experience, which I take pretty seriously. But talking loudly and acting stupid in general gets boring for youngsters. They need something more to do than sit quietly and watch a movie. Throwing ice is a lot more fun.

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