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Friday, June 10, 2005

Self-Esteem in the News

Today's articles...

Oil pills boost pupil brain power
Children who were under performing in class have seen an improvement in concentration and behaviour after taking a cocktail of natural oils.

How much do you know about low self-esteem?
They used to call it an "inferiority complex." These days we are more likely to hear discussions about "low self-esteem." Whatever the label, the lack of a feeling of worthiness and self-confidence can bring lifelong suffering if nothing is done to change it. Find out how much you know about this personality problem by taking the quiz below. True or false.

Reality Distortions: Balancing the Mind in Schizophrenia
Schizophrenia is a mysterious illness affecting over 2 million people in the United States. It causes withdrawal from reality, disordered thinking, hallucinations and confusion on the part of both the patient and their family and friends. Finding the right medication at the right dose is essential to help people with schizophrenia tame the chaos to maintain as normal a life as possible.

Alpha male: When bigger isn’t better
Bulging biceps, ripped quads and washboard abs -- That’s what motivates many men to work out. But some take it too far, and exercise becomes dangerous.

Restoring a battered woman's lost pride
Tracy Gay's boyfriend hit her so hard he cracked her eye socket and ripped the muscle in her eyelid. The strange part is, she doesn't know exactly when it happened. She had spent years getting high and getting knocked around. It could've happened any number of times. "I used to cover all the mirrors with towels," says Gay, 35. "I never wanted to look at myself."

Is childhood becoming oversexed?
With their made-up eyes, pouty lips and short skirts, these girls look like real party dolls. In fact, they are dolls. They're the Bratz, the 10-inch "girls with a passion for fashion" whose skyrocketing popularity among young girls has ignited a marketing war with Barbie, the long-reigning queen of the fashion doll world. Compared with the flirtatious-looking Bratz, Barbie looks like the scrub-cheeked -- albeit curvaceous -- girl-next-door.

Ex-cop loses 116 pounds, then her husband
In a few short years, Lisa Marie Sohr has shed more than 100 pounds - she's also lost her husband and many of her friends.

If you need some help with overcoming self-doubt but don't think that you have any major psychological problems needing a doctor's assistance, then the book Beyond the Inner Critic could help you quiet that nagging little voice so that you could prove to yourself that you really can accomplish your goals and dreams.

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