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Friday, June 24, 2005

Parenting Choices

Here are the good, the bad, and the weird aspects of modern parenting...

What the Nanny Saw: D.C.'s Fanciest Cribs, And the Babies Inside
In Barbara Kline's new nonfiction book, "White House Nannies," her account of finding nannies for Washington's rich and pretentious, the parents are as deliciously horrible as you would want them to be.

What's Plan B?
Access to emergency contraception has become a national issue—one that asks whether pharmacists have the right to dispense morality.

Education, Parenting Cited As Keys To Reducing Crime
Education, father figures and some old- fashioned parenting are key to eliminating black-on-black crime, speakers at a national conference on the subject said Thursday.

Papa's got the baby blues: French men yearn for pregnancy
Maybe it's that mix of hot Latin blood and cool Cartesian intellect, or perhaps is just a collective guilty conscience. Whatever the cause, nearly 40 percent of French men told a recent survey that they would, science permitting, like to become pregnant.

New York dad denies spotty parenting
A man charged with endangering his four young children by allowing two 50-pound leopard cubs to roam freely around his suburban New York home pleaded not guilty Friday, authorities said.

Sperm donors' offspring reach out into past
There is no parenting manual for the questions that nag Bobby Gerardot. What exactly is his relationship to Katie Whitaker, the 21-year-old who contacted him three years ago after discovering he was the sperm donor responsible for her birth?

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