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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Parenting Advice & Updates

Here are some parenting articles offering bits of wisdom, shared challenges, ideas, and other people's perspectives....

Working Moms Tear Down Office Walls
Women are reshaping the workday by interweaving jobs and parenting, thanks to technology, entrepreneurial smarts, and changing attitudes. Laine Caspi, CEO of Parents of Invention, begins her morning at 6:30 a.m., when she reads e-mail. Then she gets her 7-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter ready for school. Both kids are out the door by 9 a.m., and then Caspi puts in an additional three hours of company time.

Parenting: Staying Dry
Finally, your little one is out of diapers and can manage to go to the bathroom all by himself. However, there is still the next hurdle, avoiding accidents during bedtime. In this Parenting Report, we learn about steps you can take, to better insure your toddler is still dry when it's time to rise and shine.

Treating kids fairly, equally not same thing
CAROLYN STRAUB of Omaha, Neb., writes to ask that I explain the difference between treating children fairly and treating them equally. Good question, Carolyn, if for no reason other than this particular topic confuses adults and children alike. To begin with the obvious, children think the two terms are synonymous. Well, that’s not exactly true.

What type of mom are you?
Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, with different parenting styles and values, each having its own pitfalls and pluses. Are you a hands-on mom, working girl, new-age nurturer or too posh to parent?

With More Families Opting for Just One Child, the `Only' Stigma Is Fading
Maria Mason and Paul Schierhorn put off parenthood in order to be financially poised and emotionally prepared. When the time came for the New Orleans couple, she was 39. He was 44. Nine years later, their boy, Will, remains their one and only. They are among the growing numbers of U.S. families that have stopped at one child -- a trend observers predict will ease the long-standing view of such households as incomplete.

Moms, Don't Let Parenting Suffocate You
Thank heavens I did it long ago when I was young and stupid - and without the current overload of studies and theories and trends intended to make it easier, but, which, instead, turned it into a more difficult and complex process than at any time in history.

What's appropriate in cheerleading
After the national cheerleading championships in San Antonio in January, administrators at the American Cheerleaders Association gathered to review their event. In addition to marveling at the athleticism and spirit of the 4,000 students, much of the talk revolved around the increasingly sexual nature of their moves. In fact, the cheerleading organization considered sending a notice to next year's participants: Tone it down.

Research supports view that being gay is genetic
DEAR ABBY: In a recent column you advised the mother of a girl who had confided that she is gay and wants to come out that homosexuality has ``nothing to do with parenting and everything to do with genetics.'' You need to retract that statement. If you do not publicly admit your error, I will know you are a mouthpiece for the gay and lesbian crowd.

Punishment won’t always change actions

Q. The punishments I give my 14-year-old daughter — mostly for blatant defiance of the rules — seem to make her even more defiant. For example, I recently removed her phone, stereo, most of her favorite clothes and her video game box from her room, only to have her inform me that I’m not her boss and can’t mold her into the person I want her to be.

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