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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Open Your Eyes!

You know I really try not to share my personal political and/or religious views as part of my professional life, because what I believe - in and of itself - has nothing to do with what I teach. I want people to think for themselves and to make real changes in their own lives, in their communities, and globally to improve the condition of humanity. One individual's opinions and beliefs should not be deemed more important than anothers. I don't want to tell you what to think or what to believe. I promote real freedom of thought, real sharing of ideas, and taking action to ensure that we all have the right to think for ourselves. I love the concept of fighting for your right to speak your opinion even if I disagree with you. Isn't that what America was founded on?

Over and over, I read articles of all types of people of various religions, genders, income levels, and such all wanting the same thing. They want to live in peace and harmony, to love each other and to find a way to heal the planet and the hearts of humanity. Yet there are these folks right here in America doing everything they can to stop that and doing so in the name of Christ. International news covers the religious war going on in this country, but our own media is terrified to even touch it.

Open your minds, listen to the opinions and beliefs of everyone and you'll soon see that most of the world truly wants peace, real peace, not just McDonalds and lottery tickets. Other countries aren't angry at us because we have xBox and they don't. They're angry because we're arrogant and ignorant. It's time we educate ourselves as to what is going on around the planet and in our own country. I really believe that if the average American knew the truth, they would be appalled and embarrassed. Generations of soldiers gave their lives so that we could be free, don't waste that by hiding your heads in the sand and refusing to look at what is happening.

Pastor Heng Sure on what Buddhism has to do with healing the world

Rev. Heng Sure, who runs the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery, has been active in social causes since his days as an antiwar activist in the 1960s. This week, in the second installment of a two-part interview, I talk with him about how spirituality has shaped his worldview and what Buddhism has to do with healing the planet.

Is Christianity facing a slow, inevitable death?
RECENT comparisons of Gordon Brown and Tony Blair have alluded to Brown's supposed inherited qualities as "a son of the manse". In this short phrase, a whole character is derived from a cultural difference. The English lost their interest in religion first; Scots (at least those of the countryside and the burgh) still "took" the People's Friend and the Sunday Post (the medicinal verb was deliberate) and dutifully attended the national church. Deprived of political autonomy, a stateless nation sustained its somewhat joyless but utterly reliable soul by adhering to the Presbyterian Kirk.

Is the media ignoring 'God' and going to 'New age'?
According to the recent census figures, 15% of the population consider themselves as having "no religion", and currently this group of individuals is the second largest in the UK. Christianity, currently accounting for almost three quarters of the population, faces something of a challenge.

In the name of religious freedom, parents must react!
The Government of Quebec is on the verge of depriving parents of the right to choose religious instruction for their children in accordance with their convictions and beliefs. This right is included in the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, according to Jocelyne st-Cyr, coordinator of the Committee for the Renewal of the Notwithstanding Clause (CRNC).

Conundrums by Ove Overmyer: Religious tyranny is tearing America apart
Nowadays, we have to sort of anesthetize ourselves to the radical rights’ poisonous propaganda, specifically when it comes to vilifying gay America. Some media events border the ridiculous, and should not merit any undue attention. However, I can’t shake the idiocy of Alabama State Rep. Gerald Allen’s (R-Cottondale) legislative proposal to “dig a hole” and “bury books” that promote the so-called homosexual agenda.

The New Jim Crow
The marriage license did not exist before the Civil War. George and Martha Washington, Abe Lincoln and Mary Todd, and every other American up to that point in time got married in a church. Why at that exact moment in time, you may wonder for half a second, before you realize the obvious answer: to stop the world from turning the color of café au lait. That makes the marriage license the last extant vestige of Jim Crow in our society.

New-Age Destroyers of the Temple Mount

A contingent of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis and laymen stood in solidarity with the Palestinian people, at a demonstration in front of the “Israeli” consulate, 2nd Ave and 42nd Street, NYC, on May 6, 2005. to protest the Zionist zealots - extreme right wing supposed “Orthodox Jews” - who are threatening to gather en-masse on the Temple mount to attack the Al-Aqsa mosque.
Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, a spokesman for Neturei Karta International, a group of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews, stated that “the Rabbis will voice the true Jewish ideology, that such an action is totally forbidden according to the Torah and that in general, the Zionist ideology and the State of “Israel” can not and does not represent Judaism or the Jewish people”.

Hitching a Ride on the Red Road: Ancient Native American Path Beacons Jackson Hole's Earth-Based Spiritualists
I met Janet Woodland in her office at St. John's Hospital, but we did not stay long. She changed and we were off, heading up winding Curtis Canyon road, talking all the way. She told me of the horses she has loved and lost, of the spirits that guide her, and of her faith.

Steve Weissman: The Ayatollah of Holy Rollers
Death by stoning for atheists, adulterers, and practicing male homosexuals. Stoning - or possibly burning at the stake - for atheists, heretics, religious apostates, followers of other religions who proselytize, unmarried females who are unchaste, incorrigible juvenile delinquents, and children who curse or strike their parents. And, oh yes, death to witches, Satanists, and those who commit blasphemy. Does this sound like a radical Islamist nightmare, a replay of Afghanistan under the Taliban? Welcome to the United States of America as Christian Reconstructionists hope to run it. Not as a democracy, which they see as secular heresy. But as a reconstructed Christian nation, complete with biblically sanctioned flogging and slavery.

it's the mind's time
From Deepak Chopra to Anthony Robbins, bookshops across the globe are chock-full of works by personal development gurus claiming to know the secret for a better life. Each one has a different approach or strategy that aims to give us the mind-set and skills to live life to the fullest and achieve everything from lasting relationships to professional success beyond our wildest dreams.,10221,15496742-22811,00.html

A Plea To The US Antiwar Movement
George Galloway's recent bravura performance in front of a US Senate Subcommittee Hearing on Investigations in Washington D.C. has been rightly lauded as one of the most inspirational examples of speaking truth to power ever witnessed. The manner in which this fiery Scotsman ripped to shreds Senator Norm Coleman, considered a rising star within the Republican Party up to that point, and more importantly Coleman's weak attempts to pin spurious charges of corruption and graft on Galloway with regard to various alleged violations of the UN oil for food program in Iraq, was astounding in its take-no-prisoners, unapologetic style. Rather than the accused, George Galloway, as he'd announced beforehand, turned accuser, launching a relentless and ruthless attack on both the war and on those who'd initiated that war. Hardly surprising when you consider that George Galloway's entire political life has been devoted to the cause of the oppressed and the dispossessed around the world, no matter the personal and professional cost to himself.

Don't shoot! I'm stepping down off of my soapbox now,

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