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Sunday, May 15, 2005

The American Dream

I apologize for not posting something of substance here for you to read lately. We have wanted to create Tomorrow's Edge related merchandise and other cool gift items to help promote the site, help promote inner peace, help promote inner strength, help promote loving each other, help promote the concepts we're trying to teach here... you get the idea! Cafe Press is giving us the ability to do just that without having to hire graphic artists, print shops, shipping departments and all the rest. Needless to say, we've all been working hard to get the first line of items up and ready for you. There are quite a few that I'm really proud of.

It's caused me to remember a long time dream I have had since I was a child to learn to paint and draw. I may just have to resurrect that dream in my spare time and see what you all think of my work once I get it to a place that I can feel okay about sharing it with you.

Also, my two teenagers were so impressed that they decided to set up their own stores and are going to be adding products as they find the spare time between school, youth group activities, and playing with their little brother. They also have to wrestle my computer away from me since I'm the only one with the software that they need for releasing their creativity!

Here's the links -

Tomorrow's Edge Gift Shoppe

Layne Lane Shirt Shop

The Drifter's Closet

Anyway, I've got to get the horoscopes ready for sending out next weekend and I'll get caught up on my reading so I can give you some interesting links over the next week or two.

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