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Saturday, April 30, 2005

That's Debatable

I've been forgetting to tell you when the astrology forecasts are posted onto the main website. May's forecasts went up last week... here are the links.

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Here are some spiritually debatable topics for you to consider....

Everyday Mystics
Reading a friend's palm for fun years ago, Suzanne Wagner said, "You're pregnant." "No, I'm not," the friend responded. "Really, you are," Wagner said. Soon after, the friend learned she was, indeed, expecting. That was one of a few memorable experiences Wagner says told her she knew things other people didn't, in ways other people couldn't. But raised in a world that doesn't readily accept notions of a "sixth sense," Wagner continued her career as a dancer, then massage therapist. "I was the reluctant psychic," said Wagner, now a full-time psychic in Salt Lake City who never wanted to be the stereotypical frizzy-haired freak.

A wing and a prayer
Books on angels are flying off the shelves, but is this a feather-brained craze, asks John Naish
Diana Cooper’s guardian angels have been telling her important things: “We are at the start of a new era. In 2012 there’s going to be a shift in consciousness and angels are here to help that happen,” she says. “Earth is in a sorry state. There’s too much greed and hatred. The angels are here in unprecedented numbers to help us to clear our spiritual blocks. There has never been an opportunity like this.”,,8123-1589949,00.html

A Time of Changes
As most of you know, Pope John Paul II, formerly known as Karol Wojtyla, died from organ failure after a series of prolonged illnesses. His is a complex portrait, and one worth a glance at this time of changes. Even as he was head of one of the most vile institutions in human history, an institutional merger of Spirituality and State into what we call Religion, in many ways he has been a great reformer within that institution. Even as he chaired the death cult that has caused more war, theft, and suffering than any other force in human history, he fought for freedom and prayed for peace. And for all the needless suffering his refusal to punish child molester priests has caused, for all the needless starvation and slow death in the developing world that his anti-birth control policies have caused, for all the AIDS his anti-condom policies have caused, in many ways he has taken more steps toward undoing the ravages of racism and ignorance than any Pope before him. The man was a walking contradiction. And love him or hate him, you have to respect the path he chose in leaving this world behind.

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