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Monday, April 18, 2005

Something For You to Chew On...

recieved this in an email today... thought you might find it interesting...

New Game Rules

By Michael Sharpe

New rules. Scrap the old ones. By old I mean those of any previous age,
and previous time; yesterday, 5 years ago, 20 years ago, 100 years ago, 2000
years ago. Scrap Ethics, scrap morals, scrap everything you have been told,
everything you think you believe about anything. It is time to start again,
to redefine recreate and remake the game we have been forced to play. This
is the age of discord, the Pandamonaeon; this is the age of chaos. ""I tell
you: one must still have chaos in one to give birth to a dancing star" We
are the virus that will spread to mutate the world as we know it. We have
never been seen before, so for, there are no rules; for us, we make the

We are playing in a game, a game we did not choose to be a part of, but were
none the less thrown into and forced to participate in. It is, of course,
improper to think of the game as a game. That is Their number one rule.
This is not a game, we are told; this is real. What we see on TV, on
stages, on Movies, in newspapers, read in books, that is a game; but life,
life is real, and life is dangerous and we must draw the distinction between
the game we dare to play and the life we are forced to live. We must stick
together, they say, we must obey not just for our own good, but for the good
of our neighbor; love thy neighbor, even if it means your own demise; or at
the very least your loss for his gain. These are the lies we have been
spoon fed, lies that have been made necessary to the game (their game).
Lies that make it so we cannot win; the deck is rigged in their favor, and
unless we choose to admit it, and stack the deck in our favor again, we will
never be happy.

I am not talking about "the good of human kind" here. I am talking about
the happiness, the freedom of the intelligent; of the maladapted- those
forced to mutate by a corrupt society and then shunned as trash and garbage.
Those swept underground, the counter-culture. It is always the maladapted
who move society, the outcasts who revolutionize the way we think. It is
the unique and powerful who are the lights of the world, not the mediocre
and weak.

Any good con man knows that the best way to play a "pigeon" is to keep them
in the dark about what you are doing to them. Make them think it is for
their own good; rig the game so all odds are against the players, yet the
players still think they have a chance. Stack the deck in the house's

It is no wonder nothing changes drastically. The system is not made to be
changed. An old joke I once heard goes "How many activists does it take to
change a light bulb?" None! Activism doesn't change anything!!!. It
sedates, it hypnotizes, but it does not change. It allows for the small
players on the field to feel like they are rebellious, like they have a
voice, like they can make a difference. It is another opiate to stop the
"rebel" from facing the void. It gives a meaning to his meager existence,
it makes him feel important; but it does nothing to effect the state of the
world. Of course, as soon as things get out of hand, the TV cameras go off,
and the Dogma Regulators (commonly known as Police) come in to tell the
protestors just what the system thinks of them, in a very physical way.

However, there is one flaw they count on for us not to realize; we need to
accept their rules for them to win. We are not going to protest, we are
going to change society and the world from the inside out. We are going to
live the way we want to live; free of constraint and moral puss; free from
the confines of the norm. I say new rules because for us, we are going to
turn a hell into a heaven; we are going to mutate so much that this world is
our playground and our toy.

New rules. Our rules. Of course, our first rule of fight club will be we
do not talk about fight club. It must never be suspected that there are new
rules, nothing must go amiss, we must not fall of schedule; don't let the
con men known that we are planning to con them. We beat the rulers to death
with their own rules. We steal video cameras so that they have to survey
the video cameras. We get in nice and close, in to every crack in society
and the rug out from its feet. We steal the shirt off its back, the shoes
off its feet, and the beliefs out of its mind, and we make them thank us for
doing it.

New rules. Every action will have an equal and opposite reaction. Karma.
That is the curse, and the joy of our world. Every act we do has an effect.
Random acts which we put in motion can take their tole in the weirdest ways.
The means is NEVER suited to the end; don't wait, don't speculate. Act.
Put something into motion, any force, and watch the fallout. If you have
ever argued with someone simply to watch them cry in retort that you are
wrong, while secretly laughing at their complete robot-ness, you understand
what I mean. You are pushing the buttons of a machine that you don't
understand simply to get an effect, a reaction, not for any purpose save the
purpose of reaction. Of course, to do this, you have to undo yourself
enough to be able to handle any situation you get yourself into, and
environment you find yourself in. This is not for the weak; as it is said,
this is a law of the strong; our law. Can you stomach it?

Guerilla tactics means using your enemies strengths against them, it means
using the obvious in an unobvious way. It is the game rules they did not
see. It is a new kind of game, a game only we can predict; a game we know
we can win because it is our game. We are not going to call them on their
cheating; we are going to let them cheat themselves into destruction.
Support their lies, while all the time sowing the seeds of discord that will
be their downfall; and amidst it all, laughing and reveling in beauty and
pleasure, in power and triumph. This will be the triumph of the Will.

The skilled stone cutter knows where to strike to cause the most damage;
asses the situation with the eye of the master. Know your strengths and
your weaknesses. Honesty is not honesty to others, it is honesty to your
self. You have no obligation to tell a thief where the key to your house
is; no obligation to let yourself be killed; no obligation to let your life
be looted. Yet this is their code of "honesty". They want you to tell them
everything so they can take everything from you, and of you don't you are
immoral and evil. Of course you are; you can support yourself where they
cannot. But who is the worst evil in this case, you or them? Nietzsche
said "The great epochs of our life come when we gain the courage to
rechristen our evil as what is best in us." Can you love yourself at your
worst? How far will you go to be who you are?

The new game rules are the art of War; the new war. The war is not fought
just on land, but in the battlefield of the mind; its weapons are not swords
or guns, it is our Arts, our Sciences, our actions and our very way of
living. Our ammunition is not bullets and bombs, it is ideas. Ideas so
powerful, so radical, so dangerous they could be considered toxic, and to be
handles with care. Like any good sniper, always be in good cover. Do not
get caught. It would be absurd of the sniper turned him self in to take
credit for his kill. Lie in the face of stupidity. Use it as your cover;
use it as your resources. Take in as much personal power as possible, and
expand it to others like you. Hide in the camouflage of modern day society,
knowing well what your real mission is. Tell no more than is needed to get
what you need; tell no more than needed to create your desired effect. "To
know, To will, To dare, To keep silent." You are not to try to help
stupidity. You are to leave it, all the while gaining power and influence,
and all the while helping the stupidity along, encouraging it and helping it
dig its own grave. When you can, expand your power to others like yourself,
and you will realize that when you expend, you gain more. Thus is the
nature of the Virus.

The wonder and great simplicity of the New Game Rules is that each
proponent, each piece, each viral cell of the game is unaware of any other,
unless it is needed to accomplish the desired end. Yet, though each cell is
in ignorance of every other, each still supports every other unknowingly;
each acts in (dis)harmony to the current system, and is thus in harmony
within their own system. A discordian saying says "we must stick apart" and
thus must we do. So long as one cell acts on its own impulse, on its own
inherent nature and desire for mutation, the end result will be positive,
and by a positive end result I mean drastic change from the norm of today; a
shift of power from the weak to the strong, from the slaves to the masters,
from the mediocre to the marginal.

Do not be mistaken, for we are at war; if this is a game, it would appear we
are loosing. To the pacifists reading this, you have your part as well, for
your level of viral infection is just as great as any other proponent of
this movement. Your denial of your toxicity is in itself toxic, and sad to
say that once you realize this, you to will be infected until you are
changed. Once you realize that no matter what you do, whether you are
selfless or selfish, kind or mean, you are breeding societies, and your own,
destruction; so you may as well start to enjoy it. You would not be reading
this otherwise.

Some of you may like the idea of a real war, others may be offended; but as
I said, do not be mistaken, for this is war. We may not have started it,
but we must end it; but remember, victory means destruction. Destruction of
our current way of life, destruction of who you think you are. Of course, I
said it appears we are loosing. This is another tactic of the enemy, since
all we know is filtered through their media pushers, through their dogma
dealers and sellers; the big flaw, though, is that we can use their smoke
screen against them. Walls do not only keep out, they keep in, and so long
as there are doors, there are prisons.

The only real source of knowledge we can rely on is experience, and the
accounts of others like us. Do not be fooled. We have a bigger foot up
their ass then they want us to think. In many ways, we have already won;
and even if we haven't, such an attitude induces a sense of relaxation in
us; in our line of work, relaxation and clarity if thought is paramount to
success. Do what you got to do to gain power and happiness and all you know
you deserve, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise; for they are out for
their own good as well. We will all die, so start living. There is no
goal, no real progress; just transcendence, power, and happiness.

Training for this war means the most intense discipline, the most diligent
labor, the most focused concentration and above all else the Clarity of mind
to know ones own Will and to act on it. You will be told different routes
by others; they will attempt to hypnotize you into a new "will', a new
"mission", one that is not your own, one that is theirs. They will do all
they can to make you forget the mission you have set before yourself. They
will try to pull the wool over your eyes, and drag you back down the level
of stupidity, ignorance and mediocrity. They will try to turn you back into
a zombie. They will try and use you for their own end; but remember, once
you know what they are doing, you can use them without them knowing; use
their strengths against them. No one wants you to change, to be successful,
to enjoy your life because as soon as you do that, you show them up for what
they really are; weak, pathetic and scared. They will try to stop you. Pay
no attention to them or their ways. If you look at what they have done and
are doing with their life, and not at what they say, you will see what I

You will be threatened, you will be challenged, you will be told that you
are not at war, that this is no game, but do so, let down your guard, and
you will loose, if for no other reason than going against the forces of

New rules. Us. We are the unknown factor, we are the virus that will bring
down humanity, undo it and release its full power; we will bring about a new
world, a new evolution, a new race and a new way of life. Rest assured that
if you are reading this, you know all this already, somewhere within you
stirs the voice of a new life. This voice will pull you away from all you
think you love, from all you think loves you. It will tear you up and spit
you out, whole and new; it will beat you until you act upon your nature,
even if it means leaving behind all you thought you were and all you though
you loved and all you thought you believed in. It will ruin families,
demolish companies, turn friend against friend; it will shatter marriages,
invoke panic; have claims leveled of Nazism, Satanism, and pure evil. It
will scare and bewilder, amuse and anger. It is a virus that will show each
individual for what they really are. Those you thought you knew will rear
their ugly heads for what they really are, and for the first time in your
life you will see the beast face to face; you will see humanity, and
homosapians, for what they truly are- a disease, a humiliation, an
annoyance, a scab- a stepping stone for something greater, something new,
something raw and powerful and beautiful- something completely and totally
alien. You will look in the mirror, and you will see the face of the beast,
and it will disgust you, it will change you. You will see that until we
change ourselves, and our world we will never be free; we will never be
happy and we will never be what we truly are. You will see the scab, you
will pick it, and something new will bleed out. A virus. You will be
changed, whether you fight it or accept it, it will get you sooner or later.
It will devour you.

New rules. Victory, vengeance, joy. I am sure that it has been asked, over
and over again in this essay, who is this "they" I keep mentioning? I will
tell you. "They" are the stupid, the ignorant, the weak, the mediocre, the
cowardly. "They" are the downfall of all they come in contact with. They
are to weak to support themselves, and so they have created "morals" with
which to not only feel superior to us, but to make us support them, or feel
guilty for not. They are bitter and diseased, and they would have us believe
that what they are we are as well. They would have us believe they are the
good and we are the bad. That is how they fight. They know they are weak,
and we are strong, and so they try to blind us to our strength; they would
have us believe we exist for them, and not for ourselves; they would have us
believe we are owned, that we owe something to them, as though there
existence is our fault. We have our strength so that we can support them;
it is our "moral" duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves. All
this does is support all that corrupts humanity; all that is repulsive in
humanity we are told we must support, even if it means our own deaths.
"They" would have us be their martyrs, crucified by their won hands, and
then used as and icon, a reason, an argument for their way of life; a
justification for their existence. They put up the crucified one, and then
told everyone he died for there sins so they could keep on sinning. Those
at the top of this way of life are the sneakiest, the most underhanded, and
the weakest; these are the enemies of life and of change; they are the true
enemies of pleasure and power, progress and happiness and true living.

It must be remembered, however, that "They" have their part in our plan, in
our own infection. They breed the decay and the sterility we need to use in
order to topple them. They are making their way of life so top heavy, it
will sink. Push them on, streamline the stupidity, the mediocrity, and help
it to destroy itself. Agree with it, don't fight it but urge it on, faster
and faster. Take advantage of it, suck it dry. Don't let it see what you are
doing. Work against it when it cannot see, and nod your head when it's
looking at you. It will only make itself more heavy while at the same time
create more enemies for itself. Then, one day, it will sink; it will bring
about its own demise and you will be on the sidelines, living life to the
extreme, reaching new plateaus of pleasure in you dance of life; you will
not even notice their disappearance.

Don't think that by playing the game, by winning, by making money and
expending power you are selling out. Do not let the failure that surrounds
you engulf you. Do not listen to the excuses of other failures. Remember,
NO ONE wants you to change. No one wants you to be successful, or make
money, or to follow your will; no one wants you to wake up. Remember this
well, because everyone will tell you differently. Everyone you know does
not want you to change; no one wants you to grow more powerful than they
are, since this would force them to realize, even for an instant, what they
really are. To awaken, you must give up what you love most. Even those you
love do not want to see you succeed. Sell out; sell your soul if it means
more freedom for you. If this soul of yours restricts your ability to live
life and to become who you are, sell it at a loss or at again, because its
existence is nothing but a label of ownership others have branded you with.
No one owns you but yourself. You are the slave to your own desires, not to

You cannot "save" them. They do not want to be saved, but you can save
yourself. You can take back your world. Yes, I call it your world- our
world. This earth belongs to us, not them. It belongs to you, dear reader.
Every tree, every continent, every animal, every plant and rock and river
and stream is yours. You are its lord and owner; you are free to walk it as
you see fit, to live upon it, work upon it, create upon it and love upon it
as you so will. This is our right, and it is our job to see that all who
oppose our ownership are destroyed. For this time their will be no mercy,
save the mercy given to the free. This time we take back what is ours, we
lay claim to the earth we so love, and we take back the freedom this earth
gives to us in return for its protection. When it happens, you will know;
you will be able to walk down small quiet glens, see small rivers running to
the sea. All around you trees and plants will be growing, and animals will
be living. Once again man will return into harmony with nature, a place he
has not been for a long time. He will advance faster than ever before in
every area. He will not fight and control nature, he will be a part of it,
and thus will be both its servant and master. When the time comes.

Remember well: "They" are all around you. They are you parents, your
grandparents, your friends, even your lovers. "You will know them by their
works". When you come in contact with a Cell, with one of us, you will know
us, and you will see the difference between us and them. They will become
as zombies, as the walking dead; they will disgust you, then repulse you,
but you will grow used to them. You will use them as one uses eggs; they
are a means to and end. They have no real value except the most basic
functions, which even then they will deny. You will see them, soon enough.
It will hurt you to admit it, you will feel you are going crazy, as though
nothing is right; you will enter the rabbit hole. There is no turning back.
You have read these words, and you cannot forget them, even if you prayed to
your loving lord to let you. This is reality, welcome home..

New Game rules. Our Games Rules. Mutant Game Rules. Mutant Games Rule!

C 2005 Michael Sharpe (aka Sharpe)

All rights reserved. Used by permission. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C.
Section 107, this material is distributed without profit for research and
educational purposes.

take care,

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