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Friday, April 08, 2005

Heart surgery sans general anesthetic

There are some great articles for you today. I found the one about heart surgery while the patient remained awake to be fascinating. Wonder how long it'll take before they start doing it here?

Soulmates, Dating, and Romance –
Speaker: Profile differs from belief
When people think of an abusive man, they may believe he is an angry person with low self-esteem, with psychological problems stemming from abuse as a child. But Lundy Bancroft, a therapist who has specialized in working with abusive men and has written three books about his studies, says this is not the case. He spoke in Fairmont on Thursday night.

The Trouble with Insecurity
Most people seek a soul mate to love them unconditionally. But those who need such acceptance most -- the terminally insecure -- often sabotage their own chances at bliss.

Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence –
Delta Burke puts weighty matters in perspective
The actress Delta Burke examined the starchy treasure before her, extended two of her perfectly manicured fingers and did something that, for a long and haunted stretch of her past, she would not do in public, at least not without fearing the titters of tabloids and feeling the lash of her own shame.

Media crushes American’s self-esteem
"You’re not ‘star’ quality." This is just one of the messages the media feeds to young women and men all the time. By playing images of perfects bodies bouncing on beaches or talentless rap stars telling beautiful women how ugly they are, the media becomes a pusher of low self-esteem. Well, me personally, I’m tired of it.

Spirituality -
Ancient wisdom enters mainstream
ANYONE who's read a celebrity gossip rag has seen them — modest red strings encircling the wrists of Hollywood royalty such as Madonna and Britney Spears. But the strings aren't just another form of bling or an entry bracelet to a secret spiritual club of the rich and beautiful. They're a tie to a body of Jewish mystical wisdom called Kabbalah — knowledge that, once, was available only to a chosen few.

Parenting & Family Dynamics -
Neglectful parenting found to stunt brains
The audience gasped when child psychiatrist Dr. Bruce Perry flashed a picture of the brain of a 3-year-old who had been neglected and abused since birth.

Creating Abundance & Prosperity –
Analysis: Good Looks May Mean Better Pay
Why wasn't I born rich instead of handsome? Or so the lament goes. But an office of the nation's central bank now says that if you're gorgeous, chances are better that you will get paid more than plain folks.,0,3801561.story?coll=sns-ap-business-headlines

Just Random Coolness –
Heart surgery sans general anesthetic
Innovation always comes with pride. An open heart surgery on a widely awake patient is a novel approach and with it is the self-confidence which leads to success.

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