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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Getting Along With Others and With Ourselves

Here's a new batch of articles for you. They all have something to do with interpersonal relationships, loving one another, and self-confidence that helps us to reach out to others.

Rimban: The astrology of compatibility
LAST time, we tackled the basics of natal astrology. Today, let us study its sister, the field called synastry. Synastry is the branch of astrology, which studies the chemistry and compatibility between couples as a basis for relationship building.

Dale Carnegie Training® For Teenagers Is Being Launched In Southern Maine
Dale Carnegie Training® of Maine launches its inspirational youth program, Generation.Next, for the first time in southern Maine this summer. Dale Carnegie’s Generation.Next is a summer course comprised of eight sessions, approximately three hours each. Each interactive session is a combination of learning and practical exercises that emphasize role-playing and skill building in communication, leadership, confidence, stress management and “people skills”.

Health-Kenya: From Bangkok, They Brought Hope for Millions Living With Aids
Smoke from open fires roasting slabs of meat and maize cobs rises alongside a rutted, dusty road in Kangemi, a slum north-west of Kenya's capital Nairobi. Scrawny chickens scratch in the dirt; goats gather in plastic-strewn alleyways to feed on rotting piles of rubbish, competing for space with scores of 'matatus' or minibus taxis. But for some of Kenya's abused, neglected and HIV-positive children, this chaotic dirt track is a veritable Road to Eldorado, shimmering with the promise of a radiant future. For, at its end lies 'Shangilia Mtoto wa Afrika' (Swahili for 'Rejoice Child of Africa'), an orphanage with a difference.

Many People Need Help with Unhealthy Relationships
Millions of Americans may be struggling to cope with people who have personality disorders, a form mental illness in which people have trouble functioning with others, according to an expert.

As America Prepares to Celebrate Moms a New Poll Fuels the Motherhood Debate
Adding to the controversy about motherhood in America, a new "State of Mom" Report Card released today finds that when asked to grade themselves, their lives, relationships, and children, moms give surprisingly high marks. The "State of Mom" Report Card is based on findings of a national poll conducted for ClubMom, the free national membership organization for moms, and reveals that contrary to recent headlines, moms' lives are not out of control, nor do they feel societal pressure to be an idealized version of the "perfect mom." However, the poll reveals that while moms are confident in their ability to raise good citizens, they lack confidence in our nation's ability to provide the best for their children.

Men finally cleaning up their messes
Men are taking a long overdue look in the mirror, and many don't like what they see. How could they have thought that wrinkled pleated chinos and shapeless shirts ever counted as fashion - or were even attractive? Clothes don't quite make the man, but some men - especially 20- and 30-somethings - are realizing they can help, especially in the confidence and self-esteem departments.

Clay Aiken Tells Dr. Phil What It's Like To Be Picked On
Despite having a devoted following of "Claymates," "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken has run into his fair share of critics and haters. But building up a thick skin is something Aiken did long before fame, and on Tuesday's "Dr. Phil" he'll reveal his experiences with bullying and share his advice with young people.

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