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Monday, March 14, 2005

You Go Girl!

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These are two pro-women articles that I liked reading this morning.

Woman racer upsets testosterone-driven Iran
You know I hate double standards no matter who they are governing. It amazes me that this female racecar driver is subjected to such silly rules by our western standards.

Organizations emphasize female energy and help members connect with Mother Earth
I was impressed that a) this woman got such a positive write up considering all of the misconceptions around her belief system, and b) that it happened in Utah makes it that much more impressive. If this story had happened in L.A. or in New York City, I probably wouldn't have even listed it here, but the fact that in an area that's known for it's very conservative approach to life, this is really cool that they can be so open-minded and willing to learn and be educated as to what this woman and people of her faith are really all about.

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